Barnes & Noble Is Starting A Book Club For Kids That You're Gonna LOVE

by Brianna Wiest

Parents are always looking for new and inventive ways to keep their kids entertained... and if reading can be incorporated, all the better. And that's exactly what's happening at one of your favorite book retailers. Barnes & Noble announced "Kids' Book Hangout" on Monday, July 9, sharing that the program will give kids aged 6-12 a space to regularly meet up and talk about what they are reading, along with playing games, activities and other special deals.

Publisher's Weekly reported that Barnes & Noble teamed up with Penguin Random House to create the program, which will be happening in all Barnes & Noble stores beginning on Saturday, July 28.

The bookseller has teamed up with Penguin Random House for its first Kids' Book Hangout, to be held in all Barnes & Noble stores on Saturday, July 28, at 2 p.m. "With the new Barnes & Noble Kids' Book Hangout, we’ve created a forum for young readers to gather in our stores to discover books, have fun, and experience the joy of reading with other kids in their community," Stephanie Fryling, the Vice President of Merchandising for Children's Books at B&N said in the company's "The Hangout is designed to introduce young readers to exciting titles, as well as help them to find the books, authors, and series that they will love for years to come."

Each season, there will be four books selected for members to read. The first four are Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson; More Scrawny Than Brawny by Aaron Reynolds;The Basque Dragon by Adam Gidwitz; and She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) by Ann Hood. The company's press statement also explained that each week's selections will be available for purchase at 20% off the shelf price.

“We can’t wait to host kids, parents, and caregivers in our stores for the first Kids’ Book Hangout, and we look forward to continuing the Barnes & Noble tradition of helping young readers discover their next great read,” Fryling also said.

The announcement of the Kids' Book Hangout is just one of the latest in a series of events and promotions in which Barnes & Noble has supported kids getting into reading. In May of this year, the company also announced their annual summer reading campaign, according to their website, in which kids can win a free book by submitting a reading log and proving that they've already read 7 books.


“The Summer Reading Program is one of our most popular campaigns at Barnes & Noble because it encourages kids to engage with reading material during the summer, while providing parents with the peace of mind that their families are still learning and growing,” Stephanie Fryling said of the program. She continued:

We’re really excited about this year’s exceptional lineup of recent bestsellers and timeless favorites, and we encourage kids across the country in grades 1-6 to get their journals soon so they can experience the joy of reading and earn their free book.

Another promotion that the company runs is the Barnes & Noble Kids' Club, which sounds a lot like the Kids' Hangout, but is actually a version of a reward membership. According to their site, you can earn $5 back for every $100 spent on kid's items, such as books or games. Members also receive a free treat or dessert on their birthday at participating Starbucks cafés located in-store, and a 30% off welcome coupon.

It's clear that if nothing else, Barnes & Noble is thoroughly committed to making sure kids are getting out there and reading as much as they can be. With programs, reward memberships and now, a group that makes reading fun and social, it's never been a better time to be a child or parent who really, really loves books.