These Frozen Barq's Root Beer Float Push Pops Are The Perfect Summer Treat

The classic combination of root beer and vanilla ice cream is one of America's most iconic creations. The spiced, effervescent soda that bubbles and foams, combined with the frosty ice cream reminds us all of childhood summers spent whiling away the hours in the lazy sun. The float's distinct frothy goodness, a dreamy mix of potent pop and chill frozen treat, is as delightful now as it was in years gone by, and now we're old enough to truly appreciate it. This summer, with the advent of Barq's frozen root beer and vanilla ice cream tubes, the cool confection is made easier to enjoy.

In the box are 24 3-ounce root beer and vanilla ice cream tubes. (They also come in eight packs.) Each one is the perfect size for just a little taste of root beer float. They're available at a ton of retail outlets from Publix to Shop Rite, and in my area, they're even available via the godsend that is Instacart.

That means that I can have it hand-delivered to me as I take in some vitamin D on my stoop — if my children don't see what it is first. Because at that point it's going to be a Thunderdome situation, and I doubt that I'll come out on top. I'm an old millennial and not as fast as I once was.

These push-up tubes of root beer floats are bound to start showing up at concession stands and school snack sales thanks to their relatively petite serving size. These bad boys are only 3 ounces, and just 90 calories each, making them they type of small indulgence that is favored in such sales. At home? That's a different story. Chances are strong that if your kids are anything like mine, they are going to try sneak a second, and maybe even a third Barq's frozen root beer and vanilla ice cream tube. (Less is not always more when it comes to ice cream.)

When I was little, push-pop style treats like these root beer float tubes came in three flavors: cherry, sherbet of unknown fruit, and whatever the heck was in those "patriotic" push pops comprised of red, white, and blue "flavors." Out of all of them, oddly, mystery sherbet was the best. Our kids are fortunate to have far superior options, and this root beer is just the pinnacle of frozen push-up treat creations.

The original homemade treat of a root beer float will always have its place, but this invention from Barq's really just makes the whole thing a simpler and smaller treat to enjoy. Not to mention, these are a lot easier to clean up. This is especially true if you send your kids outside to eat them. One little tube versus scoops, straws, spoons, and cups, is a pretty fantastic trade-up.

Throw away the push-up tubes outside and have your kids rinse off with the hose, and it's like dessert never happened. Which, if you're a parent, you know how great this truly is. Kids make a huge mess with their breakfast cereal. Imagine what they can do with scoops of ice cream plopped into bubbly soda.

In my region, all 24 of these cost only $4, which makes them way more economical than the old style floats as well. As far as I can see, there really isn't any downside to stocking up on Barq's frozen beer and vanilla ice cream tubes other than the temptation that lurks in their depths.