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Yes, Bath & Body Works' Epic Halloween Collection Includes A "Vampire Blood" Scent

Halloween isn't just a holiday. It's a lifestyle celebrating all things sinister and orange, so a true Hallow's Eve lover won't be satisfied with a simple costume or decorated house on October 31; they'll want to exude the spirit of the day. Lucky for lovers of all things spooky and fragrant, Bath & Body Works just dropped their Halloween collection, which includes everything from ghostly candles to pumpkin-flavored lotion. Prepare to channel your inner Bette Midler à la Hocus Pocus.

Bath & Body Works might not be the first retailer that jumps to your mind for Halloween supplies, since they're best known as a self-care destination or the store to stop into when you need a whiff of something delicious. (Where else would you go for bath bombs?) But they make more than just scented soaps and lotions, expanding into candles and other home scent options. And they're getting especially creative with their seasonal collections, offering festive scents and gift sets, as the Halloween line shows.

It's not like they have enough spooky gear to put Spirit out of business, but there's more variety in the collection than you'd expect. There are the typical lotions and fragrance mists the brand is well-known for, but there are also plenty of novelty items, like this pumpkin candle magnet.

You can stick it onto any Bath & Body Works 3-Wick candle lid (or any magnetic surface), and voila, you have Halloween magic. The magnet pumpkin is also available in orange, but the white is nice if you want a more chic approach to scary season. And you can pair it with this epic pedestal for even more Halloween drama.

The pedestal is a little pricy, but it might be worth it since it's almost a foot tall and actually something that isn't Halloween specific. Reuse it for Christmas or New Year's, or just for your glam bedroom. The top surface is wide enough to hold any 3-wick candle from their store, which means any of the dozens of single-wick candles you've got stashed in your closet should fit as well.

Of course, there's no shortage of more overt Halloween-themed products if you're not the low-key type. Behold:

Nothing says Halloween like vampires, right? It won't actually smell like blood though, thank goodness. You'll get the haunting aromas of blood red strawberry, jasmine, and plum with essential oils in a festive package. It will make a great addition if you're hosting the neighborhood haunted house this year.

And if candles aren't your deal, there are plenty of other festive items to add to your cart. For instance, this soap is ideal for the pun-inclined.

It's grapefruit-scented, and the fun name and cute packaging might make your child actually want to wash their hands for once. Even better, Bath & Body Works is running a mix and match 5 for $23 deal on hand soaps, and their entire fall collection is already live on the site. Translation: it's a great time to get some general autumnal soaps in addition to the spooky variety.

These are just a few of the products available in the line. There's a myriad of other creepy crawly items on the company site, as well as pumpkin-scented everything.