Bath & Body Works' Fall Candle Collection Is *Everything* You Want It To Be

Crisp autumn days are just around the corner, even if it feels like the summer heat will never let up. And there’s nothing better about the fall than getting cozy and enjoying some sweet, pumpkin-filled treat, at least in my world. Because the Bath & Body Works’ fall candle collection was just announced, you have even more reasons to look forward to the autumn season. Seriously, some of these candles smell good enough to eat, and just reading the names of these will make you crave that first PSL a little more.

If you’re into warm, sweet smells for the autumn, then this collection will make you freak out a little. The 3-wick candles are available in a ton of delicious scents, and they sell for $25 each. Caramel apple, hot cocoa & cream, and even blueberry maple pancakes are a few of the scents offered in the 3-wick candles series. You can instantly turn your home into a lovely cabin retreat filled with fresh-baked goods (at least scent-wise). And of course there’s a lot of offerings for the pumpkin fans out there, because pumpkin is the quintessential fall scent. The pumpkin cupcake candle has notes of whipped buttercream and pumpkin spice, whereas the pumpkin peanut brittle candle smells like toasted pumpkin seeds and caramel brittle. These candle scents are getting deliciously complex and specific, and I love it.

Not to be outdone, the single wick candles are also pretty delicious for fall, and they retail for $15 each. (You can also get two of these candles for $16, which makes it easy to stock up.) Pumpkin apple, cider lane, and cinnamon caramel swirl are a few of the new single wick candle scents. Can you say yummy? You can collect a bunch of them and enjoy your own perfect fall aromas at home.

Of course, not everyone is into food-scented candles, because those things can seriously make you hungry. Plenty of less gourmand scents are available too. Bergamot, mahogany, and soft musk are the scents that make up the candle called flannel, which sounds like a lovely candle. Meanwhile, sage and eucalyptus are part of the scents in the sweater weather candle. In other words, there are tons of options for people who don’t want their homes to smell like a bakery all day. It can smell crisp and clean, like a perfect autumn morning.

Oh, and if you don’t want to buy these candles blind, then consider the Bath & Body Works fall test candle review from Bren to get a better sense of what these candles are all about. These candles have something of an online following.

Even if you’re still working up a sweat just by looking out the window these days, you can look forward to cooler weather and stock up on your delicious fall candles now. And there’s no shame in burning some pumpkin scented candles out of season, because those things are lovely. I’m definitely getting the pumpkin coconut candle ASAP, because that sounds like perfection. Whether you get some of these candles now or not, at least remember that the sweet relief of fall is coming soon.