Bekah Martinez Celebrating Leaving The House With A Baby Is Every New Parent

It's crazy to think how many simple things I took for granted before having a baby. Going to the bathroom by myself, for example. Drinking a cup of coffee while it's still warm. Oh, and getting ready to leave the house. Pre-kid me would think, "Hmm, I need to go to the store," and then grab my purse and head off. But with an infant? Let's just say there's significantly more planning and preparation involved. Which is why Bekah Martinez celebrating making it out of the house with a baby in tow is every new parent.

As you might recall, the former Bachelor star recently welcomed her first child — a baby girl named Ruth — with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, according to Us Weekly. Now that Martinez's daughter is 1 month old, it seems like the new mom is getting more adventurous. By that, I mean she left her house with the baby. Which may not seem like a huge feat on the surface. However, any parent can tell you this is something to be celebrated — even when it does take longer to get ready than the outing itself lasted.

On Sunday, March 3, Martinez took to Instagram to celebrate her accomplishment. "We made it out of the house and it only took us three hours to get ready!! 🎉," she wrote alongside a photo of herself standing next to a stroller.

In case you were wondering, the new mom's Instagram followers could totally relate. One person commented, "Right! lol it takes longer to get ready than how long you are out! #mom problems!"

Another follower wrote, "It’s crazy how life changes with a baby and just trying to leave the house can feel like a daunting task... good for you for rocking motherhood and getting out! You look absolutely amazing ☺️."

"I can resonate 110% with this," another Instagram user wrote.

Yet another person thanked Martinez for her continued transparency. "Love how real you talk about first time motherhood. It’s so hard and you reassure me that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know what the hell I’m doing."

Martinez also shared an update on how Sunday's outing went via her Instagram Story. "So we may have made it out of the house, but we took a three-hour nap immediately upon coming home," the fresh-faced mom explained in a video clip. "And also for those of you asking about my skin, I'm wearing a lot of makeup and was using the glow-y filter earlier. My skin is wrecked right now." (I had my fourth child a few weeks before Martinez, and as far as the post-outing nap and the postpartum acne is concerned, I'd just like to say: Same girl. Same.)

Sunday also happened to be the day Ruth turned 1 month old — and the proud mom was sure to commemorate the big milestone via Instagram, E! Online reported. "Can't believe what a beautiful little girl we have," Martinez captioned a photo of Ruth wrapped in a blanket. "Also can't believe we've successfully survived 28 nights with a newborn." (OMG, isn't Baby Ruth just the cutest?)

As a been-there-done-that mom, I can relate so hard to Martinez's sentiments on how long it takes to prepare to leave the house with an infant. From packing the diaper bag, making sure baby is changed, fed, dressed, and buckled into the car seat — and then finally loading everything up into the car, it's a long checklist to accomplish. Not to mention getting yourself dressed, fed, and ready to go. (Whew!)

Don't worry, though, Bekah; you'll get into a groove and eventually it won't seem like such a monumental task. In the meantime, please keep celebrating and sharing these types of accomplishments — because you're totally rocking parenthood.