OMG, Bekah Martinez Made The Cutest Video Montage Of Baby Ruth

It's so wild, isn't it — how much your life can change in one year? Especially when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. Growing an entire human, while an exhausting and seemingly endless journey, feels like a tiny blip in your life story once that baby arrives. And although the days can definitely drag on and on as a new mom, what they say is true: The years are short. That's why Bekah Martinez made a video montage of baby Ruth — to remember those fleeting moments. And trust me, you won't be able to stop watching.

As a refresher, the former Bachelor contestant welcomed her first child — `a baby girl named Ruth — with her boyfriend Grayston Leonard on Feb. 2., according to People. Which puts their little girl just shy of 6 months old at this point. And it's clear so much has changed in their lives since Martinez announced her pregnancy in September 2018.

On Friday, July 26, Martinez took to Instagram to share a touching video with her followers. The video montage took a look back at the new mom's pregnancy, her daughter's newborn days — leading up until today. "A little video I made last week of these past several months with Ruth filled with many happy moments," Martinez captioned the Instagram post. "I made another new video that’s up on my story right now— I plan on doing this every couple of weeks :)."

The montage started with Martinez holding a positive pregnancy test, and then quickly progressed from there — to hearing her baby's heartbeat, being able to see her baby's movements from the outside, to holding Ruth on her chest after she was born. It continues to Ruth's newborn days and beyond, including video of her taking a bath in the kitchen sink, snoozing, adorably blowing spit bubbles, smiling and interacting with others, and more.

Like me, Martinez's Instagram followers were practically swooning over the sweet images of Ruth. One person commented, "I never wanted this to end."

Another follower wrote, "Oh my god she’s SO PRECIOUS."

Yet another person confessed, "I’ve never wanted a baby more."

Another follower commented, "Brb crying my eyes out."

A few Instagram users also wondered what program/app Martinez used to compile the videos. In case you were wondering the same, she used the Filmm app and the iMovie app.

This isn't the first time Martinez has given her fans all the feels with a powerful video. In June, she shared video of her unmedicated water birth, Parents reported. (Just a fair warning, if you haven't previously checked it out: It's almost a guarantee that you will cry.) With the support of Leonard, her mother, and her birth team, Martinez was able to have an amazingly empowering birth experience. Watching her hold her baby girl for the first time is simply magical.

Although watching Bekah Martinez's video montage of baby Ruth was truly a treat, it's clear I need to step up my baby documenting game. I have thousands of photos just sitting on my phone and taking up space from the past seven months of my youngest child's life and I have yet to print a single one, or even begin making a photo book. And that needs to change. Thanks for the inspiration, Bekah!