Bekah Martinez Leaving A Concert Early To Go Breastfeed Is #MomLife In A Nutshell

Anyone who has breastfed will probably tell you that exclusively breastfeeding a baby is hard work. From being on-call all night long to pumping while at work, to the boob being literally the only thing that soothes your baby, breastfeeding is a full-time job in and of itself. And if your baby refuses to take a bottle? It can be a logistical nightmare. Someone who knows this struggle all too well is Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez, who talked about this exact issue in a very relatable Instagram Story. I don't want to spoil everything quite yet, but let me just say it's #MomLife at its finest.

As you might know already, the former Bachelor contestant shares a 5-month-old daughter, Ruth, with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard. And although she and Grayston brought their baby girl to a Grateful Dead concert in June, according to People, Martinez decided to attend her most recent concert with friends.

On Sunday, July 21, Martinez took to Instagram ahead of a big outing, sans her baby and partner, which is kind of a big deal for a breastfeeding mom. "Heading to a concert with friends and leaving this perfect chunk home with daddy!!" she captioned an adorable photo of herself and Ruth. "First time i’ve done anything like this since before she was born and i’m sooo excited."

Martinez went on to share photos and video clips of the outing on her Instagram Story. "In an Uber on my way to a concert without Gray or Ruth (!!!)," she captioned a shot of herself all dolled up while riding in a vehicle.

In another shot, she continued, "And no Ruth still won't take a bottle. So I'm heading to the show late and coming home early cause I can't be gone more than 3 hours." Sigh. I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling that all of the breastfeeding moms whose babies despise anything other than breast milk straight from the tap just shouted, "Amen!"

This isn't the first time Martinez has shared that baby Ruth isn't a fan of bottles. In a post about her daughter's 5-month update, she wrote, "I’ve said since she was tiny that she likes what she likes and definitely knows what she doesn’t. Ruthie Ray loves to roll around and giggle at happy faces and sing-song voices. She’s also started to grab and try to chew on EVERYTHING. She still hates the bottle like the devil and prefers mama’s booby to literally everyone and everything."

As someone who currently has a boob-obsessed 6-month-old, all I can say is same.

According to BabyCenter, it can take time (and plenty of trial and error) for breastfed babies to get used to drinking from a bottle. This is because sucking from an artificial nipple is different than drinking milk straight from the source, so it requires different types of tongue and mouth movements on your baby's part. And, unfortunately, some babies simply resort to eating the bare minimum while away from their parents, despite nursing a ton once their mama is home from work. Good times, right?

If you're like Martinez and myself, though, and don't necessarily have to be away from your baby for eight hours a day to work, you might just give up on the whole bottle thing altogether. My youngest two babies, for instance, hated bottles with such a burning passion that I just said, "Screw it," and directly breastfed them all of the time (I'm lucky I had this option because I work from home). This was still rough, though, especially if my husband had to give them a bottle in a pinch or if I needed to be away from my baby for more than a couple of hours. That being said, we muddled through it and survived.

So, kudos to Martinez for hanging in there and for finding creative ways to still spend time with friends at a concert, despite baby Ruth's bottle refusal. As the old saying goes, this too shall pass.