Bekah Martinez's New YouTube Video Spills All The Deets About Her Pregnancy

Although Bekah Martinez didn't wind up with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on The Bachelor, I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last that we would be seeing of her. Because the charismatic 22-year-old with the signature pixie cut may not have won Luyendyk's heart, but she certainly won America's. In fact, fans were likely wondering if she'd appear on a future season of The Bachelorette. As it turns out, though, life had other plans — and Bekah Martinez's new YouTube video spills all the deets about her pregnancy.

A lot has happened in her life since fans watched Martinez get eliminated from The Bachelor in February. These days, Martinez, 23, in a relationship with a man named Grayston Leonard — and they're actually expecting their first child! Martinez announced her pregnancy on Wednesday, Sept. 12 with a YouTube video, People reported. The pregnancy, as Martinez explained, was unplanned. “I was in disbelief and thought, ‘Is this really happening?’" she told PureWow. “I immediately called Grayston and then went across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought two more pregnancy tests. They, of course, were both positive.”

Fast-forward to two weeks later, and Martinez has shared another YouTube video with her fans. This time around, she's addressed all the questions about her pregnancy that they've been wanting to know, according to E! Online. For starters, she's currently 21 weeks along in her pregnancy. And although it took a little bit for the initial shock of her unplanned pregnancy to sink in, she and Leonard are both fully on board and excited about their little one. "This wasn't in the plan so it wasn't right away like a, 'Oh my god yes! This is so exciting, we're going to have a baby!' It was like, 'Oh wow…'" she said in the video posted on Tuesday.

In the video, Martinez also clarified that Leonard is, in fact, the father. (Apparently, some people had wondered if he was.) She also took a moment to give a little PSA about birth control — and how just because there was an unplanned pregnancy, doesn't mean a couple wasn't using anything at all. "Our method of birth control failed," she explained. "I thought, 'What are the odds that it'll just take once [to get pregnant]'...Well, spoiler — it just took once!"

Martinez also shared that she had a pretty easy first trimester, as far as morning sickness was concerned. (She only threw up a handful of times.) However, that first-trimester fatigue definitely caught her off guard. Now that she's in her second trimester she has more energy, has been able to feel her baby kick, and it seems like she's pretty pumped that her bump has finally "popped."

"I feel really healthy and alive and I feel really dynamic and excited about everything," Martinez said, noting that Jan. 29 is her due date. Although, she predicts she'll wind up giving birth a little later. "My birthday is Feb. 10, and of course it would be kind of like a big cosmic joke if I have to plan birthday parties for however many years for somebody else instead of myself, but you know what? That's what motherhood is kind of about," she added.

As far as the sex of Martinez's baby is concerned, fans shouldn't hold their breath for a big reveal anytime soon. "We actually decided right away that we wanted to wait until birth to find out the gender so, we don't know!" the mom-to-be explained. "And we're not going to know until I push that little sucker out! You only have a surprise like this once in your life."

To wrap up her latest video, Martinez promised followers that she would try to post weekly YouTube updates from here on out. That — combined with the adorable bump photos she's been sharing on Instagram — is bound to keep fans in the know pretty much every step of the way. I know I, for one, can't wait to follow her journey. Congrats, again, to the mom-to-be!