People Are Shaming Bekah Martinez For Her Photo Of Baby Ruth's Epic Diaper Blowout

I don't know about you, but I'm so over the Instagram accounts that portray parenthood as 24/7 bliss. Because spoiler alert: It's not. behind the scenes of these moms' perfect photos of their beautifully-dressed, smiling babies — with their homemade organic baby food, sensory activities, and mommy-and-me yoga — is the everyday reality of child-rearing. And it's messy. Where are the posts about spit-up, teething crankiness, nap strikes, poop, pee, and crying? Enter: Bekah Martinez. Unfortunately, though, Bekah Martinez's photo of baby Ruth's massive diaper blowout brought out the shamers.

You might remember Martinez from season 22 of The Bachelor, during which she was a contestant vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart. Although Martinez didn't find love on the show, she did find it IRL. And these days, her life couldn't be more different. That's because in February, Martinez welcomed her first child — a baby girl named Ruth — with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. Which makes Baby Ruth a little over 5 months old at this point.

On July 10, Martinez shared a photo of her daughter's massive diaper blowout, according to Cheat Sheet. Because hey, that's what happens sometimes when you have a baby. "Parenting: not for the faint of heart or stomach," she captioned the photo of Ruth covered in her own poo. (And isn't that the truth?)

"Ok not here for this," one Instagram user commented. "I usually like all your content but you could have put this as a second photo. Not really into seeing a sh*t covered child. Yes, I get it’s the 'reality' of parenting. but .. no."

Another follower implored, "Delete this sis."

Yet another person wrote, "Seriously though. Like who actually wants to see this."

Meanwhile, another grossed-out follower commented, "Never understood why people feel the need to post pictures of their kids poop. It’s funny and all but I doubt many people enjoy seeing it."

It's interesting to me that Bekah's fans would be so up in arms about a harmless blowout photo. I mean, she's a parent of a baby — and she hasn't exactly been shy when it comes to sharing her motherhood experience. Like that time she shared her empowering birth video, according to Parents.

In fact, Martinez keeps it so real on Instagram that she confessed, "Sometimes having a baby sucks." (Although commenters also criticized her for that one.) She added, "Then they look like this and you’re like 'okay, fine. I’ll keep you.'"

Look, I get it. Parents typically shy away from sharing the unpleasant aspects of having children. Therefore, seeing a baby covered in her own poo is a bit jarring in comparison to the usual Instagram mom content. But it's a reality of parenthood. And posts like this are exactly why I love following Bekah Martinez so much in the first place.

So keep doing you, mama. Because diaper blowouts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to less-than-pleasant parenting moments. And I'll take a real photo like this one over the fake, staged nonsense any day.