Bekah Martinez Encourages Moms To Open Up About The Hard Parts Of Parenting

Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez has starred in one of America's most popular reality shows, and now she's sharing her own reality on Instagram. From the ups and downs of parenting to documenting her plight to finish college as a young mom, Martinez doesn't hold back on any topic. Case in point: Bekah Martinez's post about not always loving motherhood highlights a conversation not many people want to have, noting how you don't have to be grateful for everything just because you're a mom.

Mama to baby Ruth Ray, 7 months, spoke her truth on social media about the challenge of motherhood Monday, writing a long message in response to criticism she has received for not always glamorizing motherhood. The former TV contestant, who rose to prominence on The Bachelor during Arie Luyendyk's season, went on to meet partner Grayston Leonard in 2018, with the two welcoming Ruth in February.

And although her social media is absolutely crammed with gorgeous pics of her family, her fab decorating style, and everything else in her life (which looks pretty damn good), she certainly warmed my heart with her latest, ultra-honest post.

"...Even though I see so many of us “getting real” on IG these days, we always seem to preface or conclude it with something along the lines of “but I’m so grateful” or “but I still love every moment of __," she wrote, alongside a photo of her holding up the very adorable Ruth.

She continued, "Sometimes that’s just not true. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we’re just struggling. I remember one time I posted 'sometimes having a baby sucks' and people lost their sh-- ...But come on...a lot of the time things DO suck and we DON’T feel grateful and we DON’T love every moment of it... Admitting this doesn’t make you a bad person. It just makes you human."

A LOT of moms felt seen by her post, and they showed their love in the comments section.

"Preach sis," one person wrote, while another fan chimed in with, "YES GIRL."

Someone else said: "Gotta love these babies of ours but sometimes it does suck lol."

Other parents wrote in about having similar thoughts, which makes me wonder why it's big news when someone like Martinez is authentic about parenting.

If you think about it, it shouldn't be such a big deal when someone in the public eye admits they share the same concerns that most people do. And if you're a new mom, this can mean experiencing emotions like fatigue and a sense of loss about your old life, to name a few feelings.

After appearing on TV, Martinez started her her own podcast, Chatty Broads, and is now busy raising Ruth with Leonard. And although motherhood hasn't always been smooth sailing, she hopes to expand her family one day. She told Us Weekly she's “fine with five or six” more kids, so it's clear she adores being a mom (and keeping it honest).

In July, for instance, she posted a pic of Ruth's diaper explosion, and, later that same month, shared a candid message about how relationships take work.

The fact that Martinez is not afraid to show the beautiful and, well, poopy parts of her life, makes me think she'll nail this whole parenting thing. Because being honest and open to support are great qualities to have when things get tough.