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Bend The Knee Memes Every 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Should Bow Down To

Now that she has taken over the stronghold Stannis Baratheon used to occupy, Daenerys Targaryen seems to have also taken up his old catchphrase: "bend the knee," which fans have found to be incredibly frustrating and occasionally hilarious. So I have gathered several bend the knee memes only Game of Thrones fans will truly appreciate. Personally, I would like to see Dany get off her high dragon for a second and realize that Jon Snow needs her to fight off the army of the dead before they kill everybody. And why does she even really want the North? Let him keep it. It's cold and gross up there anyway.

Jon doesn't appear to have any intention of bending the knee and and letting Daenerys be Queen of the North. This impasse means that Game of Thrones viewers are treated to conversation after conversation of two fan-favorite characters repeating the same thing. Essentially, Dany says, "kneel before me and call me your queen." Jon sighs heavily.

The best part about this Groundhog Day of negotiations is that it has given birth to a fantastic new Game of Thrones in-joke that make all of us superfans giggle and the rest of the world scratch their heads.

The most widely circulated image is of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in costume on their phones having an imaginary conversation. But it is far from the only meme generated by their stalemate.

The phone image has been repurposed to imagine further conversations.

Khaleesi will just not give it up, which is making me wonder what Jon is going to have to do to change her mind. I just want to scream at my TV "stay strong, buddy!" which is strange because I have never rooted against Dany in the entire time I've been watching this show.

In all seriousness, it would be terrible for everybody if Jon really does submit to Daenerys. He'll get his firepower but then he would be disappointing all of his bannermen, his sisters, and perhaps most importantly pre-teen badass Lyanna Mormont, who has legitimately stolen my heart. This would lead to rebellion amongst his people and probably a dead Jon Snow, just like Ned and Robb.

Daenerys might need a little more proof than some cave drawings. Maybe a fire-vision courtesy of a fire priestess? Maybe now is the time that Gendry will show up to throw down for the Baratheons and shake things up again? Who knows, in the meantime I'll be chuckling over Ben D. Knee puns to the bewilderment of non-Game of Thrones watchers.