Bermuda Wore Shorts To The Opening Ceremony, & Everyone Is Obsessed

At the Olympics opening ceremony, it is important for every country to put their best foot forward, and wear uniforms that truly represent their nation. Perhaps that is why Bermuda wore shorts to the opening ceremony, even though it is literally freezing in PyeongChang right now. That is commitment to an aesthetic and I am completely here for it. I respect you, athletes of Bermuda in your Bermuda shorts.

While the weaklings in America wore coats that were literally battery-powered with heaters to keep them warm, the athletes of Bermuda are extremely hardcore. These brave people sacrificed their knees, their legs covered only by the loose shorts and knee socks, in favor of making sure everyone knows, "We're Bermuda." I always thought it was a joke and slightly stereotypical to assume that everyone in Bermuda wears Bermuda shorts all the time. 'I'm sure they own pants,' I would think to myself. But no, apparently in Bermuda they wear Bermuda shorts. And when people from Bermuda travel outside of Bermuda, they also wear Bermuda shorts. Even if its South Korea in February and thus cold enough that the ceremony's organizers had to make special accommodations for spectators to make sure that nobody got hypothermia. But, you know, why not wear shorts.

Clearly I am not the only one who is worried (also slightly amused) by the fact that Bermuda decided to stroll out in below freezing temperatures wearing shorts and blazers. I at least hope that they were allowed to put on sweatpants or get big cozy blankets for the rest of the ceremony. I know for a fact that that stadium is not properly heated and there's really only so long someone can just hang out in temperatures like that without suffering serious negative health effects.

But this is hardly the first time Bermuda has made international news for their bold Olympic winter fashion choices. In fact, for the past several Winter Olympic games Bermuda has worn Bermuda shorts, though they often send just one athlete (it's very warm in Bermuda). In 2002, when the Olympic games were held in Salt Lake City, Utah, Patrick Singleton, the only athlete from Bermuda, wore Bermuda shorts and gained international attention. His shorts are now in the Olympic museum. Since then, Bermuda has pretty much committed to this look.

Bermuda also wore shorts to the Olympics in 2014 in Sochi, Russia, though the temperatures in Sochi were not quite as cold as PyeongChang is right now. They wore shorts before that in 2010 when the Winter Olympics were in Vancouver, Canada. None of these places are known for their balmy temperatures. Actually, these places are known for being extremely, bone-chilling, freeze-your-face-off, why-do-people-live-here cold. I should know, I grew up in Michigan where temperatures often get stupid cold. So I know enough that if you're going to be spending any time outdoors in this kind of weather you should be wearing two pairs of pants at least. Shorts is an absolute no.

Nevertheless, you kind of have to respect the fact that Bermuda has an aesthetic so easily identifiable. Cold weather or not, you're going to be able to immediately recognize this athlete. Sure, that's what the flag is for, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the shorts are what people remember now more than the actual flag. I'm sorry to say. In any case, the people of Bermuda are brave and weirdly apparently impervious to cold. Or perhaps they've just never experienced the kind of cold that stays with you for hours after you've come inside. I guess they will now.

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