Bernie Sanders’ "Hotline Bling" Parody Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

by Mara Flanagan

If you're sick of bland campaign ads, Ellen DeGeneres has the antidote. Because Bernie Sanders' parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling" premiered on Ellen today. After dancing onto the set for his October interview with DeGeneres, Sanders got plenty of attention for his slick moves — the new parody gives him the opportunity to step into the spotlight as a music video star. 

If the whole thing feels like it lacks presidential decorum, no worries: The production team photoshopped Sanders' head onto a dancer's body. "I think this whole dancing thing went to his head," said DeGeneres.

In reality, the senator from Vermont doesn't have to get silly to attract Millennials. An August article in The Guardian reports that 18- to 29-year-olds are rallying around Sanders, showing their support on social media with hashtags such as #feelthebern and #babesforbernie. The root of their love for the Bern? See this Nov. 2 article from Vice News:

A May 2015 survey of college students by the Panetta Institute suggest the most important concerns for young people revolve around action on climate change, reducing student debt and the cost of college education, creating jobs, equal access to economic opportunity, and gridlock in Washington. 

All issues Sanders cares about as well. 

Of course, Ellen's campaign video probably won't hurt matters. The song choice didn't surprise everyone; before the parody video premiered, several Twitter users noted Sanders' strong resemblance to Drake:

Wish granted!

Sure, the issues are important. But if we elected presidents based on their dance skills, Sanders would probably be a lock for the Democratic nomination.

Image: TheEllenShow/YouTube