Bernie Sanders Reportedly Thanks Breastfeeding Mom At His Rally & It’s An Awesome Show Of Support


Every mom gets it: when the baby's hungry, there's no time to wait. One fan of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders found that out first-hand when she nursed her baby right in the middle of a rally. Sanders reportedly thanked the breastfeeding mom, affirming the importance of parents being able to do what they need to do.

Mom Elle Bradford attended Bernie Sanders' Cleveland rally with six-month-old Harper in tow, according to ABC affiliate Newsnet5. When Harper got hungry, Bradford decided to feed her right in the middle of the crowd: a moment captured by Reuters photographer Alan Chin. Bradford said she didn't really have a choice, according to The Huffington Post:

After the photo was taken, Bradford wrote on Facebook that both Sanders and his wife thanked her for feeding Harper in public:

Sanders tweeted his support of Bradford on Thursday:

In a Facebook post, Bradford said that she's getting plenty of "hate mail" but "more love mail" as news stories and blog posts come in from across the country featuring her now-famous photo. Though it's exciting to have the snapshot go viral, Bradford is hoping the story isn't over: she wrote to Ellen DeGeneres on Facebook asking for an opportunity to get a picture of Harper with Bernie and Jane Sanders. And forget #feelthebern, because Bradford is pitching a different hashtag for the Sanders campaign via Facebook:

It's unlikely breastfeeding at political rallies will become a regular thing, but it's awesome to know that at least one candidate is cool with it. In July, People reported that lawyer Elizabeth Beck was questioning businessman Donald Trump during a 2011 lawsuit when she asked for a break. When Beck revealed it was to pump breast milk, Trump reportedly said, "You're disgusting." According to People, Trump later told CNN, "I may have said it was disgusting. I thought it was terrible." It's an example of the stigma that continues to follow public breastfeeding: a stigma that Bradford and Sanders are delightfully challenging.