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Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump's RNC Speech With A Slew Of Brilliant, Pointed Tweets

by Jo Yurcaba

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may have endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but he made it clear that that would not stop him from participating in the rest of the campaign and election cycle. Bernie Sanders responded to Donald Trump's RNC speech with a fiery storm of tweets on Thursday night, and they perfectly attacked Trump's hypocrisy, point by point.

Trump's RNC speech, which was a shocking hour and 15 minutes long, covered everything from building his infamous wall to keep out drugs and criminals to choosing a Supreme Court justice with similar views to the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Not only was Trump's speech was too long, but it focused on the deaths of police officers without mentioning the disproportionate deaths of black people at the hands of officers, and it failed to mention anything related to equal pay and women's rights or income inequality. And these problems were not lost on Sanders and his team. Sanders tweeted about the shortcomings of Trump's speech throughout the entire speech, and he took down Trump's worst hypocrisies as they came along. Sanders pointed out that Trump's campaign is founded on division — not on unity — and that Trump seems to think his word and his power will be the only real thing governing the country. Trump seemed to forget that the presidency is about service — it's not about ordering people around or getting your way, and Sanders called him out on this dangerous mindset.

Sanders pointed out that the economic crisis of 2008 and the instability in the Middle East was not the fault of President Obama:

Sanders also showed that Trump's economic plan does nothing for poor Americans. It continues to ignore them.

Sanders called out Trump's poor business standards. How can you claim to fix trade and be a better trade partner when you use companies whose labor is inherently unfair?

Sanders believed that Trump was picking and choosing which Americans to support:

And Sanders seemed to think that Trump really doesn't understand how the three branches of American government work.

Sanders ended with the issues he knows best: Trump will not address income inequality and seems to have no plans to. Additionally, he will simply put a justice who is anti-abortion and anti-voting equality on the bench, which would hurt millions of Americans.

Sanders tore down Trump's speech with an efficiency and clarity that only Sanders could have.