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Good Grief, Best Buy's Memorial Day Sale Includes Up To 40% Off *Major* Appliances

by Cat Bowen

I live for a good sale. There's just something really satisfying in knowing that you're not spending more than you have to have to. It's also a point of pride for me. I'm like a very frugal Ariana Grande. "You like my television? Gee thanks, just bought it for 50 percent off. I see it, I like it, I want it, I wait for it to go on sale, add a coupon, and buy it." Best Buy is notorious for its holiday sales, and this weekend is no different. Best Buy's Memorial Day appliance sale is absolutely out of control, thank the good heavens, because I have a list.

Best Buy has a little bit of everything on sale from large appliances like washers and dryers all the way down to air fryers and Roombas. You will also be qualified to receive a $100 gift card if you spend more than $1500 on appliances. The biggest and most surprising sales are on the Dyson line of floor cleaning products. The popular vacuums are notorious for never going on sale, and this weekend they are going to be a full $100 off the regular price on all of their best sellers.

Here's a pro tip from a frequent Best Buy shopper: if you're buying something that can fail, always, always buy the warranty at Best Buy. It's usually not that much money, and their policies are spectacular. As long as you have that warranty, they will replace whatever it is that has failed. As someone with two cats, a dog, and two messy children, I cannot tell you how many vacuums like this Hoover bagless currently on sale for $150, that I have blown through. If it wasn't for Best Buy, I'd probably have sucked up a lot of debt from those purchases. Thankfully, I was able to get them replaced for a fraction of the cost.

Another tip: buy more than one steam mop. Right now, the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is on sale for $74 down from $100. That's a steal. Here's why you should buy two. If you have never cleaned your tub, bathroom floor, and tile walls of your shower with a steam mop, then you don't know what clean is. However, you probably don't want to lug a steam mop to each bathroom. Store the basin beneath the sink, and the mop with the towels, and you'll always have close access to a spotless bathroom — chemical free.

Now, I live in a New York City apartment, and therefore do not have laundry services in my home, but I dream of the day it will happen for me. I want a huge, high capacity, top loading washer and front loading dryer, like these washers and dryers from Maytag. Quick question: does it actually come with the Maytag man, or is that extra? I'm asking for a friend who is suddenly very interested in doing her own laundry for the first time in 15 years.

My favorite sale items are all of the cooking appliances on sale. I am a huge fan of cooking at home and the accoutrement for all of my chefly pursuits can become quite spendy. And there is one item that I've had my eye on for at least five years, and it's on sale: The Vitamix Blender. Normally $350, it's on sale for just $299, and I feel like it might be time for me to upgrade my sad, sad blender that has recently been making a fair amount of strange noises and smells anytime I try to whiz something up. It will make my weekend party margaritas so much less chunky. That's why the Best Buy Memorial Day appliance sale exists, right?