Best Internet Reactions To Mountain Dew's "Puppymonkeybaby" At The Super Bowl Are Epic

The Super Bowl usually does spur some strange commercials. (Think: Nationwide's commercial where the kid dies). But Mountain Dew may have set a new weirdness record on Sunday night during Super Bowl 50. Mountain Dew aired an ad with a creature the company calls the "Puppymonkeybaby" — yes, all one word, and yes, it was super ... interesting. The best internet reactions to Mountain Dew's "Puppymonkeybaby" were some of the greatest things the Internet has ever produced. I might be exaggerating, but they were hilarious.

In the commercial, three guys are sitting on the couch together (the ad definitely doesn't challenge Super Bowl ad norms, either, if you know what I mean), when the Puppymonkeybaby walks in with a can of ice-cold Mountain Dew Kickstart. The guys take some Mountain Dew, and the strange animal jumps up on top of the table and starts dancing with its rattle while saying "Puppy, monkey, baby" over and over again. I'm not making this up. In a truly frightening and awkward moment, it jumps into the laps of one of the men sitting on the couch and says, "Puppy," licks the man's face, "monkey," licks the man's face, and then "baby," and — you guessed it — licks the man's face yet again.

Oh, and I forgot the most important part: The animal has a pug's face, a monkey's arms, and a baby's legs (complete with a diaper). The best reactions from Twitter make it clear that people were feeling super weird or super scared.

Proceed with caution.

Hey, I warned you.