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Best Tweets From The New Hampshire Primary Show People Refuse To Accept Trump's Win

It's Twitter's job to give us a nice big side of smack talk to help spice up the boring political horse race. And today's New Hampshire primary was tailor made for Twitter's snark army to come out and give us their very best stuff. The best tweets from the New Hampshire primary showed that people can't actually believe that Donald Trump won.

This election cycle has played out on social media more than ever before. From GOP front runner Donald Trump scrapping with Megyn Kelly and insulting just about anyone who knows how to use a hashtag, to hoards of millennials who want everyone to know they're "Feelin' the Bern," Twitter has become the nation's town square on election night. Will Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ever be able to live down the Rubio Robot moniker? Will former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to get pummeled by voters for trying to play the feminist card? It's anyone's guess, and you can bet Twitter is the very best place to find out how the candidates fared both in the polls and in the hearts and minds of the country. Because let's face it, in today's presidential politics, all it takes is one smart meme to undo tens of millions of dollars in branding and advertising. Those Twitter mobs are powerful, and don't think the candidates don't know it.

Here are the best tweets from the New Hampshire primary, which saw record voter turnout and caused crazy traffic jams (all to give the win to Trump).

And poor Marco Rubio is getting punked by Piers Morgan.

And everyone else.

It's was a rough night for people who don't like Trump politics.

It's been a crazy ride, New Hampshire. Now onto South Carolina and Nevada and a whole other night of fun on Twitter. See you there.