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Beyoncé & Blue Ivy's Matching 'Lion King' Outfits Are Incredible

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's oldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, is clearly following in her mom's very stylish footsteps. The little girl is always matching her mom in some way or another, and this weekend was no exception to this. Of course, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy match in Lion King outfits on Instagram. Why wouldn't they?

Beyoncé made her return to Instagram on Sunday in one of the best ways possible — by sharing some super fabulous photos of herself and her daughter, Blue Ivy. But these weren't any average photos, they were photos of the mother-daughter duo dressed up in full Lion King inspired outfits. In the photos, Beyoncé looks like the queen of the jungle in her gorgeous, lion bodysuit embellished with feathers and sequins to make her stand out (no more than she does on her own).

But Blue Ivy was able to participate in dressing up, too. In one of the photos on Instagram, Beyoncé's first born can be seen wearing a dress and head piece, also inspired by The Lion King film. To make this Instagram post even better, Beyoncé also shared a photo of Blue Ivy lip synching to "The Circle of Life." As expected, both of them slay.

Leave it to Beyoncé to excel at any theme, especially one surrounding her next big film, which hits theaters next month. Beyoncé is voicing Nala in the live action remake of Disney's The Lion King, so of course it was easy for her to slip back into the role of queen lioness.

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy weren't dressing up in these outfits for fun this weekend (although I wouldn't hold it against them). The duo sported these outfits to the Wearable Arts Gala, which is thrown by Beyoncé's mom, Tina Lawson, every year, according to E! News. This year's theme was "A Journey to the Pride Lands," so of course, they had to dress for the occasion. Needless to say, Beyoncé's Instagram followers were obsessed with their outfits, especially Blue Ivy's.

"Wow, Blue is Beyoncé," one commenter wrote.

"Slay Little B!," another commenter added.

"Blue is EVERYTHING!!," one commenter stated.

They definitely have got that right. Although Blue Ivy might have stole the show in this Instagram post, people will definitely be talking about Beyoncé more next month. As previously stated, Beyoncé is playing one of the lead roles in the new remake of The Lion King. So, her outfit is basically just a preview of what is to come when the film hits theaters on Friday, July 19.

Although Beyoncé can't be heard in the official trailer for the film, rest assured, her performance will be fantastic. The film's director, Jon Favreau, told Entertainment Weekly that Beyoncé is fantastic in the new film. "I think part of [her joining the film] is that she's got young kids, part of it is that it's a story that feels good for this phase of her life and her career, and she really likes the original very much," he said. "And then, of course, there are these wonderful musical numbers that she can be involved with, and my God...she really lives up to her reputation as far as the beauty of her voice and talent."

It's not as if anyone had any doubts that Beyoncé wouldn't be incredible in her new role. But, seeing her in full lion costume and hearing these very reassuring words from Favreau, is just another reason to become excited for the film. Let the countdown to July 19 begin.