Beyonce Debuts 'Lemonade' & Everyone Is Freaking Out

by Casey Suglia

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has officially arrived. After two years without an album, two months without a new song, and two months without a televised performance, the time has officially arrived. Beyoncé is back and she is back with a vengeance. So, it is no surprise that Beyoncé debuted Lemonade and everyone is freaking out — including me.

On Saturday, Beyoncé released her newest music video concept, Lemonade, on HBO. The hour long video featured Beyoncé singing new, never before heard songs with original spoken word interludes. The video also featured her in scenes that we had seen her in from the very mysterious trailer of the project that I swear I've watched a thousand times to try to decode the meaning behind it.

Lemonade also featured songs of Beyoncé's that were brand new and amazing visuals that I swear I could watch over and over again. Beyoncé never ceases to amaze me, and Lemonade is no exception. I can not get over how great it all looked and how she was able to put together such a masterpiece. Then again, I am not that surprised — it is Beyoncé we're talking about here, after all. ‌ ‌

Until now, Lemonade was surrounded by a lot of secrecy. For months, Beyoncé had been posting pictures of lemons to her Instagram, teasing of the secret project. But aside from the teasing, Beyoncé had only announced that the special was happening and never explained what it was — leaving everyone to guess for themselves. Until Saturday.

USA Today reported that it would be a docu-style special to similar to her previous HBO special from 2013, Life is But a Dream. But Entertainment Weekly reported that Lemonade would be a lengthy concept video.

In spite of all of the speculation, Lemonade turned out to be stunning, both musically and visually, and fans seemed to agree. Twitter users took their opinions to the website almost immediately, sharing their excitement about Beyoncé's newest project and release.

This video comes just days before Beyoncé embarks on her nation wide tour which starts April 27 in Miami. The super star will be playing shows from April to June and, using my best judgement, we'll probably see some stellar performances with songs from Lemonade incorporated into her set — if you were lucky enough to score tickets to any of the tour dates before they sold out, that is.

Judging from the song and video to "Formation" and the release of Lemonade, this Beyoncé era is going to be one for the history books — and I can not wait.