7-Year-Old Blue Ivy Makes A Fierce Cameo In Beyoncé's Newest Music Video

Fans of Beyoncé are always thrilled when they get to see a new glimpse of her 7-year-old daughter, Miss Blue Ivy Carter. And that's probably because the little girl has proven time and time again that she can slay just as hard as her mama. So you'll probably be delighted to know that Blue Ivy is in Beyonce's new music video for "Spirit," Queen Bey's incredible song for The Lion King.

As she grows up, it becomes more clear that Blue Ivy is basically Beyoncé's mini-me. Blue Ivy can sing and dance (as evidenced in Beyoncé's Netflix documentary, Homecoming) as well as totally work a red carpet while attending awards shows. She really is getting a crash course in how to be fabulous, and if you needed more proof, please look to Beyoncé's newest music video for her song "Spirit" from The Lion King soundtrack.

Blue Ivy makes a brief cameo appearance in the music video around the 1-minute mark and during her segment, she stands in the dessert with her gorgeous purple dress (which is an exact match for the dress her mom wears in the video, of course) flowing in the wind. She walks up to her mom and they share a super sweet and tender moment as they hold hands and make eye contact.

Throughout the rest of the gorgeous video, Blue Ivy shows up at random moments, but is clearly the highlight of the music video.

The music video also features plenty of mesmerizing dancing, gorgeous costumes, shots of Beyoncé standing in the middle of the desert, and of course, clips from her new film, The Lion King. The song's uplifting, emotional message is driven home by the super powerful dancing and images shown throughout the video. And reviews on YouTube for the video are glowing.

"Fantastic job Beyoncé and Blue Ivy looked stunning," one user wrote. "Definitely going to watch the movie Thursday!!"

"OK Blue!" another user stated. "Looking strong and fierce like her mama."

"Stunning!!!!!!!" another user added. "Every frame, every person, every movement STUNNING."

And they have a point — not only did Beyoncé give everyone a brand new music video, but she now has all of us so excited to go out and see The Lion King, which premieres in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 19.

During an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts on Tuesday night, Beyoncé said that even she is excited for her kids to see the film. "Being a mother, my family is my biggest priority," Beyoncé told Roberts, according to The Oprah Magazine. "It's not many films that the parents can come and feel the way I feel about Lion King, and feel that, and pass that legacy on to their kids."

And even Beyoncé herself was excited when she got cast as Nala in the film. "I am still in shock that I'm a part of this film, because I grew up loving The Lion King," she told Roberts. "It's so much nostalgia for me, and it's the first Disney film that brought me to tears."

If this remake of The Lion King was powerful enough to move Beyoncé to tears, then you know it's good. And clearly Beyoncé (and Blue Ivy) harnessed that power in the music video for "Spirit".