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Beyonce Instagrams That Capture Parenting Perfectly, Because Some Things Are Universal

OK, so Beyoncé might have giant piles of money, live perhaps the world's most glamorous lifestyle, and basically be The Queen of Everything, but, judging by her Instagram, there are still some aspects of her life that prove she still has things in common with the rest of us mere mortals. In fact, a number of her social media mom moments are pretty relatable, which, let's be honest, just gives the world another reason to adore her. Sure, her Instagram feed might be insanely fierce and envy-inducing, but there are also a number of Beyoncé Instagrams that capture parenting perfectly, proving that, even though she is cooler than 99 percent of the entire world, she still probably gets woken up at 3 a.m. because her kid wanted a waffle (or at least I hope she does, because that's exactly why my own kid woke me up last night and I am still kind of bitter about it).

Even though there are probably lots of normal mom struggles Beyoncé will never experience (I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she probably gets to shower regularly, and her house probably isn't a disaster of toys and backed-up laundry piles), these Instagram snaps prove that some things about motherhood are pretty much the same for everyone.

Toddler Playtime = Stickers, Obvi

If there's one thing I've learned about toddlers, it's that they freaking love stickers. And if you opt to play with them while they have said stickers, you have to be prepared to be covered in them. Because, really, who can say no when a sweet 3-year-old is thoughtfully choosing out a sticker to lovingly adhere to your forehead? No one. Not even Beyoncé.

Pinterest-Inspired Birthday Cakes

There's no doubt about it: Pinterest has pretty much changed the game when it comes to parenting. These days, your child's nursery has to look magazine-worthy. And, birthday parties? Pizza and a slab cake from Wal-Mart just won't cut it. Toddler birthday cakes have become designer creations, and one of the more popular Pinterest options is the rainbow cake. Beyoncé snapped a pic of Blue Ivy with a very Pinteresting rainbow cake and uploaded it to Instagram, and while I can't even sort of imagine that Beyoncé would have actually baked that thing herself, you have to wonder if she sat on her iPad obsessively pinning birthday party ideas like all the rest of us leading up to her daughter's party.

Kid-Friendly Beach Vacations

Of course, Beyoncé and Jay Z have plenty of super-luxe, glam vacations, but, judging by this photo, they also have travel moments like all parents everywhere. Taking a trip with your children is not nearly as fun or relaxing as the trips you used to take with your partner before you became parents (as in, the ones that involved lying by the pool and getting day-drunk on daiquiris). Even though kid-friendly vacations are still enjoyable, well, I'm going to go out on a limb and say getting buried in the sand by her daughter wasn't necessarily Beyoncé's dream vacation activity. (But of course, she did it anyway, because motherhood).

The 'After Bedtime' Snacks

Hiding snacks and eating them when your kids aren't around is practically required parental behavior, right? I mean, I may or may not have just told my son I had to go pee so I could shut the door and eat a Kit-Kat without sharing. So when Beyoncé posted this super delish looking tub of popcorn, I figured it wasn't too huge a stretch to assume that is what she pulls out after she's put Blue to bed and is craving a snack. Well played.

The Requisite Zoo Trips

Before I became a mom, the zoo was not ever really a place I felt like spending time. But as soon as my children started learning animal sounds and caring about wildlife, the zoo became the coolest place ever. I mean, I may not have gone in a Beyoncé world tour jacket, but we did see giraffes, so that's totally the same.

All The Artwork

Scribbly children's artwork is the kind of thing that generally seems totally unremarkable until you have kids and suddenly all their crayon drawings seem gallery-worthy. Unsurprisingly, Beyoncé totally had to show off this sweeter-than-sweet birthday card from her daughter, and then she probably stuck it to the her fridge along with 7,282 of Blue's other creations, because OF COURSE.

So Much Love

Of course, it's mom-and-tot cuddle time that is really the universal aspect of parenthood. No matter how crazy your life is (whether you're a stay-at-home mom or an international music superstar), it's the sweet cuddle moments that bring you back down and make everything worthwhile. There's nothing better.

To be fair, there are plenty mom moments on Beyoncé's Instagram that I couldn't even sort of relate to (like when she and Blue were swimming in a pool on a yacht somewhere, OMG). But, for the most part, parenthood is probably one area in life where celebrities lives really are a lot like everyone else's. Or, you know, at least I'll keep telling myself that.