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All The Must-See Beyoncé Grammys Memes

Want to add another thing to the list of Things Beyoncé Has Given Us That We Absolutely Do Not Deserve? Oh, how about her Grammys performance for starters. And if that wasn't enough, the Beyonce memes from the 2017 Grammys highlight not only just how unworthy we all are, but also how blessed we are to be alive in the time of Beyoncé, and how absolutely overwhelmed and excited I am to meet her two little additions later this year (or whenever she chooses to publicly unveil them for us all). TBH, I am sweating just thinking about it, but give me another six months and I'll be ready.

On the heels of such a tumultuous and awful 2016, Beyoncé has filled 2017 with blessings and we're only 43 days in. After announcing her pregnancy on Instagram and sending the world into a blissful spiral with the news that she's not only blessing us once, but twice, her Grammys performance just felt like icing on a cake that we, collectively, did not deserve as a nation. Leading the Grammys pack with a stunning nine nominations, Beyoncé's Lemonade forever changed the musical landscape — a fact that the artist and performer has made sure we don't get the chance to forget.

She Killed Us All


LOL "Gravity"

Oh, She *Was* So Extra

The First, The Last, The Only One

Beyoncé's Lemonade medley performance was a celebration of everything our society takes for granted when it comes to motherhood, and Beyoncé swiftly and quickly put an end to the conversation that suggests women somehow are unable to go about their everyday lives — no matter if that means working a desk job, performing physical labor, performing on stage in front of millions watching at home — the moment they announce they are expecting.

Beyoncé's performance was a reminder of all that a human body is built to endure — and beyond that, all that a woman's body is built to live through, breathe through, fight through. Throughout the years, Bey's work has stood as an ongoing analysis of the ways in which our culture overlooks and dismisses women who are mothers — especially women of color who are mothers. Her performance spoke to the brilliance and the inspiration this season of life inspires and just how beautiful it is.

If that's not worth celebrating, I'm not sure I know anything else that even comes close.