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Beyoncé Shared A Photo Of Blue Ivy In $745 Heels, & OMG, They're Beautiful

New Instagram photos from a celebrity mom are solid proof that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. Bey and JAY-Z's eldest daughter may look a lot like her famous daddy, but she's definitely inherited her mama's sense of style. On Monday, Beyoncé shared a photo of Blue Ivy in her heels — and she's totally rocking them.

The 36-year-old singer posted a series of photos of her rocking a fabulous pink and blue outfit on Instagram. Although Queen B's style is impeccable, as always, it was her 5-year-old daughter who ultimately stole the show. If you're not watching closely (and let's face it, the entire Beyhive is always watching closely,) you might even miss Blue Ivy's unexpected appearance.

Toward the end of the pop star's sassy photo montage, a pair of little feet can be seen barely filling her mama's big shoes. In the very next image, though, you can see a wide shot of Blue Ivy sporting pajamas while impressively rocking mom's too-big heels. Oh, and did I mention the shoes are crazy expensive? (Because of course they are.) According to People, the shoes are New Pigalle Follies pink glittered pumps by Christian Louboutin. Retail value: $745.

Um, I'm pretty sure my entire wardrobe cost less than that. Not only am I envious of this 5-year-old's access to high fashion, I'm crazy jealous of the fact that she's managing to actually stand in these 4-inch beasts. But again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Her mama wore heels all through pregnancy, after all. So it must be a skill that was somehow transferred though the placenta. (Don't quote me on that extremely scientific assumption.)

Little kid me would also like to chime in with the fact that when I was her age, my play shoes looked something like this.

I'm also loving the fact that Blue Ivy paired her mom's ridiculously glamorous heels with pajamas. It's just so real and fitting for a 5-year-old. Truthfully, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if she ends up starting some new mixing-comfort-with-discomfort fad that has everyone waltzing around in sweat pants and heels. Or not. But it's still freaking adorable.

Despite Beyoncé and JAY-Z's fame, it seems the parents have attempted to keep their children out of the spotlight. (You know, aside from their epic pregnancy announcements and first baby photos that practically broke the internet.) It wasn't until recently that Blue Ivy started making more appearances alongside her parents. Like when she made her musical debut back in 2012 in JAY-Z's song, "Glory." Or, when she showed up in Beyoncé’s 2014 track, "Blue." And no one will soon forget her free-styling in a 4:44 bonus track, and the world nearly lost its mind. The budding hip-hop princess even dropped a few lines that had fans blown away by their depth of meaning.

Everything everything this my only single thing / Everything I hear is my answer / And if you think I say, then [?] / I never hear that, I be in the posse / Never seen a ceiling in my whole life / Everything I seen, everything is rotten / Never sit in silence [?] Carter / Innocent we seek them / I and say we see them / [?] / Boom shakalaka / Boom shakalaka / Boom shakalaka / Boom shakalaka / Everything in shaka / Everything in faka / Everything in shaka / Everything in faka

"Never seen a ceiling in my whole life." Come on! Blue Ivy was obviously referring to the glass ceiling women are still attempting to shatter in business and politics. What a little feminist.

Here's to hoping we get to see and hear more of Blue Ivy's cuteness in the near future!

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