Beyonce Sings "Home" From 'The Wiz' At 7 Years Old, Reminds Us We Are Not Worthy — VIDEO

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a pro at anything, but the Internet is proving that Beyoncé Knowles popped into existence as a fully-formed queen. Footage recently emerged of a 7-year-old Beyoncé singing "Home," from The Wiz, and it seems that even when she was a tyke, she had 27 times the average human's vocal range. In the video, a tiny Beyoncé steps onto the stage, bedazzled in a shimmering Dorothy costume, and seems completely fearless as she starts singing. Despite her small size, she still manages to capture the tough notes in "Home" in this outtake from the Houston Sammy Awards some 27 years ago.

At the end of the clip, Beyoncé gives a little dip, thanks the audience, and walks off stage. The MC says:

[Beyoncé] asked me backstage if I'd sign something for her, but frankly, I think I'd better get her to sign something for me now before she starts charging for it.

Beysus will look favorably on her for that glowing premonition.

As much as The Wiz Live! rocked, it would have been amazing to see the now 34-year-old Beyoncé get in touch with her 7 year old dreams and join the cast. As it turns out, she's actually passed on offers to play Glinda the Good Witch twice now. Maybe the third time's the charm, and we'll see her in a future rendition?

Looks like Beyoncé has been running the world for nearly three decades now. I'm just going to go sing/cry in the shower now.

Images: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen, Drteaisback/Youtube, Giphy (2).