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People Are Pretty Vocal About Beyoncé's New *Gemini* Twins

On Saturday, the news broke that Beyoncé reportedly gave birth to twins in a Los Angeles hospital. While Queen Bey has not confirmed it herself, People, Us Weekly, and E! Online all reported the news late Saturday night. And while some probably then spent their weekend refreshing Instagram for the first photo of the twins, others took to Twitter to point out one interesting development. Beyoncé's twins are Geminis, and the memes and tweets about their zodiac sign will have anyone remotely into astrology laughing.

Whether you follow astrology or not, at some point you probably peeked to see what it means to be a specific sign. And for those that are really into the stars, well those people have a lot of thoughts on Beyoncé reportedly giving birth to two Geminis. First off, as Cafe Astrology notes, Gemini's zodiac symbol depicts the twins — which just proves that Beyoncé does not mess around with star power (in more ways than one). Susan Miller, popular astrological author, also noted in her June 2017 Astrology Zone horoscope for Geminis that, "You may not be aware of your power, but you do have it, and I want you to put this fact in your pocket if and when you need it." You've got to admit, if anyone is going to be labeled "powerful," it will be Beyoncé's twins.

Knowing this, fans of Beyoncé certainly have thoughts about Beyoncé having twins that are Geminis.

Some Have Strong Feelings About Geminis

Some Are Thrilled The Twins Are Geminis

And Others Are Just Impressed By Beyoncé In General

Despite your personal feelings about Geminis — and as you can see, people have ~feelings~ — Beyoncé's babies are clearly going to be the best things to ever happen to this Earth. So maybe some astrology sites consider Geminis "devious," but do you think Beyoncé can't handle two "devious" twins? She can handle anything.