'Big Brother 18' Showmances Ranked, Because You Obviously Have A Favorite

This season of Big Brother is all about the showmances. There's Zakiyah and Paulie (Zaulie), Nicole and Corey (Nicorey), and Natalie and James (Jatalie). They're all flirtatious, love to cuddle, and can often be found sleeping together somewhere in the house. With all these showmances going on, it's no surprise that fans have declared which one is their favorite, but which one of these couples is actually the most entertaining? After researching the three couples, I've ranked the Big Brother 18 showmances from worst to best based on some very scientific data. Checkout the rankings below and see where your favorite ship falls.

Nicole and Corey (Nicorey)

Strengths: These two don't really have that much power in the house. They've effectively glued themselves to the right people, but besides that they're not running anything. Corey does whatever Paulie tells him to do and Nicole pretty much does the same.

Likability: Individually Nicole and Corey don't get a lot of love from the fans. Many fans see both Nicole and Corey as untrustworthy, which is fair since they seem to float around the house trying to decide who's best to align with. Besides that, fans also struggle to believe that Corey likes Nicole as much as Nicole likes him. Nicole, who was left crying after Corey was nominated for eviction this week, seems much more attached to Corey than he is to her.

Will They Stay Together After The Show: Probably not. They haven't really talked about it at all, and there's still the question of whether Corey even likes Nicole. These too are best onscreen, and their relationship will probably come to an end once this season is over.

Natalie and James (Jatalie)

Strengths: Natalie and James are just floating their way to safety. Although Natalie's on the block this week, the likelihood of her going home is very slim since there are two much bigger targets on the block. Natalie's current strategy is just being nice to everyone. Similarly, James floats from each side of the house, not really committing himself to either side, which is why he's on no one's radar right now.

Likability: How could you not love James and Natalie? Natalie is the sweetest person in the house and just wants everyone to be nice to each other. Similarly, James is just a prankster who doesn't cause trouble. These two are so cute with each other, and they try not to involve themselves in house drama, which is why they're not targets and fan favorites this week.

Will They Stay Together After The Show: It's definitely possible! The two have talked about it on the live feeds, and James even said if they don't die when the show is over he'd really like to stay friends with her.

Zakiyah and Paulie (Zaulie)

Strengths: Truthfully all the strength of this relationship comes from Paulie. He's now been head of household twice and he knows how to play the game. Zakiyah on the other hand hasn't won any comps yet and is riding Paulie's coattails to victory right now. Still, the strength of Paulie alone is enough to make this showmance the strongest one in the house.

Likability: These two have a big fan base, however Paulie on his own is not well liked. With the way he actively targets Tiffany, seemingly only because her sister is Vanessa from Big Brother 17, and the fact that with each passing episode he seems to get more and more cocky, his likability has gone down. Still overall, Zaulie gets a lot of love and fans are still waiting for them to get some screen time on air.

Will They Stay Together After The Show: Paulie has said he wants to give their relationship a shot outside of the house, so it seems these two may make it work outside of the house.

In the end it's Zakiyah and Paulie that stand out in this season filled with showmances. However, it's still relatively early in the game, and these showmances could still change drastically. It's anyone's guess which one of these relationships, if any, will survive when the show ends.