'Big Brother 18's Victor & Jon Snow Comparisons Are Too Much To Ignore

The Big Brother 18 houseguests have finally entered the house, and alliances are starting to form. As we get to know the houseguests more, there's no doubt that favorites will arise. There's also no doubt that we won't start to see familiarities between other important pop culture television icons. For instance, we can't ignore the fact that Big Brother houseguest Victor and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones are the exact same person, can we? The answer is no — because you can't ignore the inevitable.

The comparisons were quick to hit Twitter, naturally, and there is no doubt that that is where they'll live for the rest of the season. Knowing that Game of Thrones is over June 26, fans are going to want to live vicariously through someone. Thankfully, Victor is on Big Brother, so we don't have to worry much about the loneliness of life without Jon Snow. Don't believe me in the comparison? Let's examine the two next to each other before we get to the Jon Snow/ Victor support group, shall we?

Whether it's the hair, the face, or the facial hair, please enjoy the two next to each other, and tell me there isn't some resemblance.


Obviously these two have a few differences. The nose isn't exactly the same. Victor seems to wear his hair a little more straight, while Jon seems to embrace the curl in his hair. That, or Jon just doesn't have the same access to hair products like Victor (Winterfell doesn't have a Walgreens, apparently). But, people are quick to notice that these two look alike. Take a look at what Twitter is thinking.

Thank you, Big Brother for keeping Jon Snow alive and well... Hopefully Victor knows more than Jon Snow, you know?