Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO

These 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Theories Will Give You Life

by Anna Rose Iovine

On Sunday night, fans will have to say goodbye to Monterey and its privileged community — for now, that is. The mystery of Trivia Night will finally be solved, but given the rich backstories and plots of these characters, there is still plenty to explore. The source material of Big Little Lies may be exhausted with the end of this season, but that has not stopped HBO from churning out more episodes before. In fact, the story may only get more explosive from here. Theories for Big Little Lies Season 2 leave viewers excited for what's to come in Monterey.

But first I need to back up a bit because as of now, Big Little Lies doesn't necessarily have a Season 2 renewal. It's considered a limited series by HBO, meaning the series ends after the finale. The network just released a press statement, though, that explains just how successful Big Little Lies has been so far. As of the penultimate episode, "Burning Love," the show is averaging seven million viewers, which is more than HBO's The Night Of delivered at the same point during it's airing. It's no secret that the audience loves the show — so is it possible that it will be back despite its "limited" run? (Warning: major spoilers from the novel ahead!)

Honestly, that's a theory in itself at this point. It may be unlikely, but not impossible; HBO has not committed either way as of now. We will, therefore, continue to theorize. During a second season, we could see the long-term affects of Trivia Night and what happens to the community beyond the end of Moriarty's novel. For example, does Trivia Night live on in infamy as it seemed to in the police interrogations? We could potentially see what happens on its anniversary.

Personally, I'm also curious as to where the characters are post-Trivia Night. How is Madeline and Ed's marriage, how is Celeste? At the end of the novel, Jane and Tom the waiter start dating — will that blossom into a serious relationship in the series? Another possibility is whether there will be yet another murder. Granted, Perry was killed (at least in the book) because he was a horrible abuser and rapist, but his death not the only secret the Monterey community holds.

If there was a second season, Big Little Lies may delve deeper into the past of each main character. Alternatively, a second season could follow another set of parents of the Otter Bay School. Who knows what they could've been up to while the events of Season 1 were occurring? With so many potential directions, I'm not only hoping for a Season 2 — I'm already fantasizing about it.