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'Big Little Lies' Season 3 Theories On What Comes Next For The Monterey Five

After battling their inner demons all season, the Monterey Five finally decided to face their killer secret on the Season 2 finale of Big Little Lies. The series isn't confirmed for another season, but the cliffhanger ending left viewers speculating a potential future storyline. If you’re wondering what could possibly come next for the Monterey Five, check out these Big Little Lies Season 3 theories fans are already buzzing about.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Big Little Lies Season 2 finale.

Just to be clear, showrunners haven’t planned out a third season, but they aren’t ruling it out as a possibility. When talking to TV Line, Casey Bloys, President of HBO, said that the network would like to renew the Emmy Award-winning series, but the cast’s current work schedule may not allow it. In a red carpet interview with Variety, series writer and creator David E. Kelley noted that he didn’t plan out a third season, but he’s open to the idea. “I suppose there’s always a chance, but that’s not the plan,” he said. “We wrote this season as if this were the end — I think the audience will find the ending satisfying.”

But the cliffhanger ending of the season was far from satisfying, and it left fans wondering what would happen if the series ever returns. The future of Big Little Lies remains questionable, but until its fate is decided, you can mull over these fascinating fan theories for Season 3.

The Monterey Five Will Confess To The Police

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In the last scene of the finale, Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Renata (Laura Dern), Jane (Shailene Woodley) and Bonnie (Zoe Kravtiz) walk in to the police station. Some fans think they will tell the cops what really happened on the night that Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) died, and likely face legal consequences, including charges of obstruction.

Bonnie Will Confess To Killing Her Mom

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Bonnie’s memories of abuse were triggered when she pushed Perry that fateful night, and in a series of flashbacks her mother was revealed as her abuser. After having a stroke, she whispers to Bonnie that she wants her life to end. Bonnie has visions of smothering her mother with a pillow, and when her mother eventually dies, the circumstances aren’t revealed.

Some viewers think she Bonnie might have gone through with it, which is why she’s going to the cops to confess. “What if Bonnie was going to confess killing her mother and the girls were there to support her,” wrote Redditor happyquinn27. “If she confesses to her mother's murder she would go to jail for that reason and the other girl's would be protected.”

Madeline and Ed Will Have More Marital Issues

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After getting over Madeline’s infidelity, Ed decided to give their marriage another chance. All he wants is for Madeline to be open and honest with him, but if the truth about Perry’s death comes out, he’ll realize Madeline has been lying to him the whole time. “Ed & Madeline just renewed their vows,” wrote Reddit user princessA95. “I feel like this would throw a pretty big wrench into the fresh start they were hoping for.”

Nathan Will Try To Get Madeline Back

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All season, Nathan has been trying to reconnect with Bonnie and forge a friendly relationship with Ed, but he’s been pushed away by both. In the finale, after her mother's death, Bonnie tells Nathan that she never really loved him. If Bonnie and Nathan break up, Twitter user @ashleyyjaade thinks that he may try to get back together with Madeline.

Mary Louise Will Come Back To Monterey

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After Celeste accused her of being a murderer and a bad mother, Mary Louise is seen driving out of town. But if the Monterey Five do confess to pushing Perry, and some legal drama ensues, Mary Louise may be called back into town to testify in court.

Renata Will Be On Her Own

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After finding out her husband cheated on her, Renata understandably loses it. His legal and financial issues are already disrupting her life, and this infidelity may have been the last straw. Going forward, she might leave him and their palatial house, and decide to live on her own with Amabella.

The future of Big Little Lies is still in question, which is probably why the showrunners ended the series in such an ambiguous way. Until there's confirmation on Season 3, all fans can do is ponder future storylines to get their Monterey Five fix.