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These 'Big Little Lies' Book Spoilers Are Full Of Twists

by Anna Rose Iovine

Fans have to face the perfectly curated music: Big Little Lies is coming to an end. It's based on the stand-alone novel by Liane Moriarty, and was considered to be made into a film first, so it's not really all that surprising for it to be such a short run. Somehow, though, the seventh and final episode snuck up on us. Even though there's only one hour of the story left, it feels like there are so many loose ends to tie up. For those of us who read the book, though, you know how much of the story ends. So with that in mind, here are some Big Little Lies book spoilers to get you pumped for the season finale. Caution: major spoilers from the book ahead!

As readers of Big Little Lies may have observed, not everything about the series is the same. For example, Madeline's affair did not occur in the novel. Smaller differences have occurred throughout as well — the setting of California instead of Australia, for one. Mostly, though, it seems that the series thus far has remained loyal to the original story. The events on Trivia Night and afterwards, then, will likely remain the same. With so many questions left to answer, the Big Little Lies finale is sure to be explosive. There are some moments from the novel I can't wait to see play out on my TV. Such as...

Amabella's Bully Is Revealed To Be Max

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If you didn't read the novel, you may be thinking, "Who even is Max?" His role is pretty small in the series, so that's understandable. Max is one of Celeste's twins. Towards the end of the novel, Amabella finds the courage to reveal the truth. Not only does she give Jane the peace of mind that Ziggy is not a bully, but Max is finally brought to justice for terrorizing her.

Perry Is Saxon Banks

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One of the most pertinent mysteries of Big Little Lies is who Jane's attacker is. In the series, this storyline diverges from that in the novel. In the former, they find an interior designer named Saxon Baker whom they believe lied about his name when he met Jane. In the latter, Madeline and Celeste believe Perry's cousin of the same name is Jane's rapist. The climax, though, will likely be the same: on Trivia Night, Saxon Banks is revealed to be Perry. Not only does that mean he raped Jane, but it means he is Ziggy's father.

Perry Dies On Trivia Night

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Even before the revelation that Perry is Saxon Banks, he's far from our favorite character. In both the novel and series, viewers see how abusive he is towards Celeste. Once it's revealed that he's Jane's rapist to boot, many fans won't exactly heartbroken that he is the Trivia Night victim. Perry dies by being pushed off the school balcony. Given how badly he's hurt Celeste and Jane, you could assume one of them did the deed. As it turns out, though, that's not the case...

Bonnie Is The Killer

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That's right, folks — Bonnie is responsible for Perry's death. It has yet to be revealed in the series, but Bonnie has a devastating past resulting in PTSD. Hearing about the awful acts Perry has done pushes her over the edge, so in turn she decides to push Perry over a very literal edge. Bonnie pushes Perry to his death and no one decides to press charges. In the novel, the community collectively lives with that secret. Seeing what a terrible human Perry is, this makes sense.

Suffice to say, the novel Big Little Lies has a fairly happy ending (OK, not for Perry, but for everyone else). So I'm excited to see if the series follows suit during Sunday night's finale.