Dress Your Kids Like Tiny Lime Green Rockstars In Billie Eilish's New Kids Line

It's almost embarrassing to admit how much I love Billie Eilish's music given that I am a woman in her 30s, but oh well. It's just so catchy, and her aesthetic? I think it's alt-punk adorable. Everyone else must agree, because Billie Eilish has a line of kids clothing debuting to her popular BLOHSH brand, and you just know there will be some lime green baby goodness.

Arguably, it's an unexpected turn from the "Bad Guy" teen sensation, but I am here for it. Her adult clothing line BLOHSH has been wildly successful, gaining over a million followers on Instagram, so I am willing to bet that her new kids line will be just as popular. The line that just dropped has socks, beanies, tees, hoodies, and shorts, and many of the items are already sold out. The prices are fairly reasonable with nothing over $50, and it's all in Eilish's signature style.

The children's line is casual and fun, and the best part is that it looks really easy to get on and off, which is the single most important factor in the decision to purchase any article of baby clothing.

It should be noted that this is primarily a baby and toddler line, with the largest size sold being a 5/6T. The line is also made of soft materials, and they are brightly colored with fun patterns. Will a baby understand they're wearing a Billie Eilish tee? Absolutely not. Most kids only recognize their family and things like Paw Patrol, but that doesn't mean you won't appreciate it. Many of the goods are also 100 percent cotton, so I would suggest that you buy a size up in the event that they might shrink.

After learning that Billie Eilish has a line of kids clothing, I decided to find out what the rest of her line looks like. I was pleasantly surprised. So many times, celebrity-backed brands are extremely expensive. But Eilish's hoodies for adults are not only cute, they're only $50. The last concert that I attended, I spend almost double that on a hoodie.

But Eilish's kids line promises to make you smile and keep your baby clothed and comfortable. I mean, you only have so long before your toddler decides to wear a pirate costume every day of the week. Might as well take advantage of some cool baby gear.