Billy Eichner And Will Ferrell Screaming Christmas Movie Trivia Is Just What You've Been Missing In Your Life — VIDEO

If you're having any trouble at all finding your holiday spirit, Billy Eichner and Will Ferrell's Billy on the Street episode is just the thing you need. I promise. Especially if you've been out shopping or conferencing with family about what to get for that great aunt you never see.

In the video, Eichner and Ferrell are dressed in their Christmas PJs and sprinting around Manhattan yelling at people about Christmas movie trivia (and, specifically, Elf star Ferrell's Christmas trivia). They shove dollar bills into people's hands who "agree with them." And, as any avid watcher of Billy On The Street knows, the best part isn't even the stars: It's watching the subjects react. And when you take Eichner and add fellow loudmouth Will Ferrell to the mix... well, it's a Christmas miracle.

One woman cannot for the life of her remember Ferrell's name, even though he's standing right in front of her. Another woman literally jumps from the shock as they round a corner of Manhattan's Flatiron Building. When Billy and Will start going tit for tat on Scrooged versus Elf, Ferrell and a woman have a bonding moment and almost come close to a proper fist bump. And then there's this gift of a moment:

Watch the Billy On The Street video below, and your heart will grow three sizes:

If things start to go wrong this holiday season, just ask anyone next to you what's better: gold, frankincense, or myrrh. It's obviously myrrh, you idiot.

Image: YouTube