'Binge-Watch' Is Most Popular Buzz Word Of 2015, Collins Dictionary Says, & Here Are 24 Other Terms That Will Always Remind Us Of This Year

by Jill Di Donato

On Nov. 5, Collins Dictionary released a list of the 10 most popular slang terms and colloquialisms it the past year. It turned out that "binge-watch" is the most popular word of 2015, thanks to more and more humans discovering that the only thing between you and rewatching 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls back to back is a Netflix account. The list, based on lexicographers' monitoring of language use, included mostly nouns with the odd verb and adjective thrown in.

The only problem with this very helpful ranking is that it seems to have overlooked some other words and phrases we have heard so many times this year and can't unhear. And related, where are the abbreviations? Now that so many people communicate by text, no one has the time or space for extraneous characters. Tbh, I don't have time to tell the lml ilysm or that my bae is haf. Plus, something about them is fun.

To give the abbreves the recognition they deserve and flesh out the Collins list, I decided to create a more comprehensive list of the 25 most used (over used?) terms I've heard this year, including the Collins picks. Here they are, defined:


To spend the weekends on Netflix (or wherever you can get it) and devour hours of Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Empire


The problem of men spreading their legs and taking up too much space on buses and subways isn't new, but it's one we'll have to keep talking about every year until men learn to close their legs. 


In 2012, terrorists attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. ambassador and others. In 2015, Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton handled the 11-hour Benghazi hearings like a boss. 

Adele's 'Hello'

Oh, hello. You're becoming an adult now.


A body with fatherly man lumps, yet "one in which a man still takes pride." 


As in to swipe right (yes) or left (no); to present a swipe-worthy look.


An unacceptable form of breaking up with someone where you suddenly cut off all forms of communication. (So unlike Patrick Swayze's Casperian character.)


Literally, "as f**k," to connote intensity. This volcano is hot AF. 


Reinvented and reclaimed by millennial girls and women, a feminist is anyone who believes in equal rights. 

On Fleek

To be on point. 


An expressive avatar that represents your likeness. 


When you are dying to hook up. 


It's how the kids are saying "cool" these days. 


With people seeking American citizenship at record rates, immigration rules, regulations, and reform are hot topics. 


To be honest, it feels like this abbrev has been around a lot longer, but usage went into overdrive this year.


Again, not new but essential. JK means Just kidding. 


A healthy food movement, not totally unrelated to binge-watching and dadbod.


Too many emotional responses to express in words. Something your bitmoji would say. 


A total babe, who is also queen-like. 


While trans is not new, the open conversation about all types of transformative experiences is. Hurray!


I love you so much. 


As fictional President, Selina Meyer would say, "Get the government out of my f**king snatch." It's 2015, people. Didn't we settle this in 1973?


To hook up, as in Netflix n' Chill (there may be some binge-watching involved, especially if you're thirsty.)


An unacceptable way of minding other people's business and using it against them. Nosy parkers love to shame others, especially on social media. 


Across the pond, Jeremy Corbyn's optimistic plan for economic growth. Cheerio!

Image: bonninturina/Fotolia