BJ's Is Offering Free — Yup, FREE — Same Day Grocery Delivery Until Christmas Eve

It's pretty well known that the holiday season is incredibly stressful for so many people. And it's almost impossible for people to cross everything off their check list during this time. Between finishing up deadlines at work, to getting all of the present shopping done before Christmas Eve, to getting grocery shopping done in between that, something is bound to be left off the big list. But there is some good news for last minute holiday grocery shoppers — BJ's free same day delivery lasts until Christmas Eve, ensuring that people can tackle everything on their to-do list.

There are so many things that people look forward to the holidays. It goes without saying, but there really is nothing better than spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food, and giving out presents. But at the same time, the holiday season isn't always picture perfect. For some reason it draws out crazy traffic, super long lines, and stores never have the items you need in stock. This is enough to keep anyone at home and wait to run errands until the new year is finally here.

But BJ's Wholesale Club is here to save the day just in time for Christmas. From now, Friday Dec. 21, to Monday, Dec. 24 (also known as Christmas Eve) BJ's is offering free same day grocery delivery — and can have groceries delivered to your front door within a few hours.

It's honestly that simple.

But there are a few exceptions to this super sweet deal. This offer is only available to BJ's Wholesale Club members (because how else can you score amazing deals on bulk gold fish crackers and cereal all the time?) and only valid in cities and towns near a BJ's (so they might not be able to deliver to your in-law's place out in the country).

But if you can check all of these boxes, then the next few steps to getting free delivery are simple. All you have to do is go to BJ's delivery website, enter in your zip code, and select all of those groceries that you need to feed your family (and then some) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Once you're at the check out page, all there is left to do is enter in the promo code: BJSHOLIDAY and you're good to get free delivery on your order. There is just one exception — the order minimum has to be $35. But meeting the minimum shouldn't be too hard, especially since the holiday break lasts a long time, which means stocking up on a lot of snacks.

If you're hesitant to leave your house during the holidays even to go grocery shopping, you're not alone — others are right there with you. The holidays are indeed stressful for many reasons, but a lot of it is in your head, according to Popular Science. Terri Orbuch, a relationship expert professor at Oakland University told Popular Science is that a lot of holiday stress is related to unrealistic expectations.

"We think this should be a perfect time, the food will be perfect, and our conversations will be respectful," Orbuch said. "But when our realities don't match that, we get frustrated."

This, combined with the real traffic and long lines in stores (which aren't in your head), are enough to make anyone upset.

So, it makes sense that one in five Americans will order pizza or takeout five times or more between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day this year, according to data compiled by Wakefield Research. When the holidays become so overwhelming, it's super easy to have pizza delivered than to cook a meal.

But, it's just as easy to save time (and energy) by having your groceries delivered, too. It's just another way to ensure the holidays are as stress free as possible.

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