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Blac Chyna's Christmas Card Photos Of Dream & King Cairo Are So Festive & Sweet

When you're related to the Kardashians in any way, there are certainly some perks. For instance, youngest grandchild Dream Kardashian, daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, is already having an incredibly luxurious first year of life. One of these perks is appearing in the Kardashian family Christmas card. And being as glamorous as she is, got to appear in not one but two Christmas cards this year. And you have to see Blac Chyna's Christmas card of Dream and big brother King Cairo because it is so, so adorable.

While you might not personally get a card sent in the mail from Chyna herself, she did share the super adorable Christmas cards on her Snapchat for all of her fans to see — which is practically the same thing, right? In the photos, Dream poses with her brother in a Santa hat looking incredibly festive and ready for the holidays.

In one photo, Dream looks up to her 5-year-old brother, sitting in what appears to be a chimney, with the caption on the card, "Dear Santa, I can explain..." And in the last photo, Dream stands up, looking into an open box of presents. If you weren't already in the holiday spirit, these Christmas card photos do a pretty good job of helping you feel a bit more festive.

Blac Chyna/Snapchat
Blac Chyna/Snapchat
Blac Chyna/Snapchat

If you thought your Christmas cards as a kid were cute, then Dream Kardashian is definitely here to upstage you not once but multiple times. And she does that so well.

Some Twitter users certainly seemed to agree, sharing their reactions to seeing the super cute Christmas card photo shoot that some are adorably calling "old school."

The best thing about Chyna's Christmas card is that it looks like it could come from any of your relatives or neighbors. There is nothing super fancy or extravagant about it. The card is just showing off her children in a super simple and festive photo shoot — and isn't that the purpose of Christmas cards, anyway?

Earlier this month, Chyna revealed to People her Christmas plans with Dream, who will be celebrating her second Christmas this year. Chyna let People in on all of the details, saying:

We'll be spending [Christmas] together at my house. King is really excited about Santa, decorating the Christmas tree, and his gifts! So it's really exciting to get the house holiday ready. And Dream is fascinated with Santa and loves all the lights. She's getting into it all.

While the 1-year-old was just a few weeks old last Christmas, Chyna revealed to People that Dream is loving the fact that she can be mobile, as she has now started walking and running around Chyna's home. "It's so much fun chasing her around," Chyna told People. "And she's started to say words, so it's really fun seeing her personality come out."

Dream's dad, Rob, however, has yet to make his Kardashian Christmas card debut — and time is running out for him to do so. But regardless of this, Rob is in the Christmas mood, which was made clear after he shared a photo of his gorgeous Christmas tree yesterday on Snapchat. Now all he has to do is make his own appearance in the Kardashian Christmas card to make this Christmas feel complete for fans. After all, Rob was there for the Kardashian Christmas card shoot, according to E! News. But even without his appearance in the card, Dream's multiple appearances definitely make up for his absence.

While Dream's multiple Christmas card appearances might put everyone to shame, it doesn't matter because she ringing in the holiday season right.

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