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Don't Freak Out, But Blake Lively *May* Have Chopped Off Her Hair

Pretty much any time a beloved celebrity does anything — meets a celeb friend for coffee or goes grocery shopping in sweats, for example — a new story is born. So now that Hollywood's literal golden girl may have just gotten a major hair update, it's OK to obsess over it, because everyone else is. That's right folks, Blake Lively might have chopped off her hair and fans are both loving it and totally freaking out.

Appearing at a screening of her new film, All I See Is You, Tuesday night in Los Angeles, the actress was seen rocking some shorter locks, and, predictably, the internet collectively lost its mind. Obviously, Lively is well-known for her incredible acting skills, transforming into a wealthy member of Manhattan's elite, to a teenage soccer player, to an ageless woman of mystery. But if there's something else Lively is known — and idolized for — it's her hair. Long, golden blonde locks that provide plenty of #hairgoals for people everywhere.

Since she's been in the spotlight, Lively hasn't drastically changed her hair, unlike many other celebrities who opt for dramatic cuts and colors fairly often. However, that might be changing now. Well, maybe.

As can be seen, Lively's hair is noticeably shorter than usual, and many are assuming that the actress and mother of daughters Ines and James has officially decided to start rocking a new bob. And based on the photos from the event, they could be right.

However, if you look closely, as HelloGiggles pointed out, it can be seen that Lively might have just tucked and styled her hair just so in order to create the look of a faux lob, a non-permanent option so that she can still return to her lengthy locks any time she wants.

Nevertheless, even just the thought of Blake Lively changing her hair has sent many fans to one conclusion: she can basically pull off any hair style, ever. And honestly, it's true.

Comments on Instagram have ranged from exclaiming how flawless Lively looked, with one user writing, "Her hair looks amazing like this! She should go for the chop," to the simpler, "Faux bob on fleek."

But, of course, some fans were a little more apprehensive about Lively's possible hair change. Which, of course, is totally understandable. Change is hard to deal with, and since Lively's long, blonde locks have been a beauty staple for over a decade, it is kind of jolting to see her rock such a shorter look. "Haircut????? What?? Nooooo," one commenter wrote, with others echoing the same sentiment.

Really, though, judging from the photos, it seems more likely that Lively's long hair lives, and was just strategically styled to look shorter. According to Vogue:

Though the snip may have been a seriously well-executed illusion—but where do they tuck away all that hair?—one can't help but wonder if the moment was a test-drive for a more permanent change.

And it's a fair point. Perhaps Lively is thinking about updating her look, and getting an official new hairdo. After all, she's been rocking the long look for years now, and it wouldn't be beyond belief if she wanted to shake things up a bit.

And of course, as a certified member of Taylor Swift's squad, perhaps Lively was inspired by her friend's iconic hair cut several years back. Whatever the case, though, Lively looks incredible, and it's clear that however she styles her hair, she's going to look gorgeous. But, of course, that's really nothing new, now is it?

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