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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Valentine’s Day Comments On Instagram Will Make You LOL

If you ever wondered about the definition of a perfect couple, you need not look further than Blake Lively's or Ryan Reynolds' Instagram accounts. Actually, if you do find yourself scrolling through either one of their accounts, you'll find that the two of them troll each other quite a bit. And you'll find that their Valentine's Day comments on Instagram are hilariously adorable.

Reynolds shared a photo on Wednesday of himself in a total grofit, an all-grey outfit (which only Ryan Reynolds could really pull off). It looks like he's post workout in the gym, and he appears to be holding an invisible phone. He captioned the photo, "Ten minutes in to writing an email to my mom, when I realized there was no phone in my hand." On the photo, Lively commented, "Why won't this damn app swipe right?!?!!" To which Reynolds responded, "@BlakeLively Because it's the E-Harmony app." Lively responded, "Can you show me how to download that? Ever since Ashely Madison closed, I've been so lonely." And Reynolds added, "@BlakeLively Awww. Happy Valentine's Day."

This Valentine's Day Instagram exchange came just after Reynolds shared another 'gram of a cake he'd baked for his wife. Sure, on the surface, everything about the photo seemed sweet. But the caption for that photo read: "I baked this cake for my wife. The icing is glue, 'cause I’m not a scientist." Yup, the heart of perfectly sliced strawberries might look appetizing, but it's iced with glue because, how else would he have gotten those cake toppings to stick so well? We already know from his history in the kitchen that he's not the best baker...

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This is not the first time the celebrity parents of daughters, James, 3, and Ines, 1, have trolled each other's on social media. They're actually known for doing just that. Reynolds once cheekily shared a snap of Lively looking far from her usual glammed-up self (and still as beautiful as ever) while filming The Rhythm Section in Dublin, Ireland. On her birthday back in August, he tweeted a shoutout to her saying, "'Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," along with a red carpet shot of them together, but almost entirely cropping her out. Not to worry though. The actress got payback when Reynolds turned 41 in October — she pretty much did chop him out of a photo with Ryan Gosling, writing "Happy birthday, baby."

But the couple's witty Valentine's Day banter takes the cake. While other celebrity couples — and virtually every other couple on social media — were taking to Instagram on Wednesday to express their love with some seriously Hallmark-y captions, Reynolds and Lively kept it real.

And Instagram followers can't get enough of them because of it. They couldn't help but post emojis that were cry-laughing and words of praise on the photo. One wrote, "Wow, such a retort," to Lively's Ashley Madison comment. "Feeling the heat from here." Another follower wrote, "Omg I love you two so much LOLLLL," and another commented, "I love you guys so much omg #GOALS." In fact, a lot of people called them #goals. "I swear you guys are #relationshipgoals," another Instagram user said.

What's not to love about the Deadpool and Gossip Girl actors? It all started when Lively presented Reynolds with the Most Anticipated Movie trophy at Spike TV's 2010 Scream Awards, where they first exchanged some banter on stage, according to POPSUGAR. It was like a window into the future. Then a year later Lively was spotted sneaking out of Reynolds' then-Boston apartment in the early morning during his birthday weekend. From there, their worlds collided, and they fell hopelessly in love and got married in 2012.

And they've been gracing the internet with their dry humor ever since.

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