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Blake Lively Admits She Has Doubts About How She's Doing As A Mom, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Superstar Blake Lively certainly looks like she has everything figured out. But it turns out that she feels ill-equipped in one very important arena. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Australia, Blake Lively expressed her anxieties about motherhood, as Australian news website news.com.au reported, saying that she has "no idea" what she is doing as a mom. It's a sentiment sure to be familiar to pretty much every mother out there.

Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds have become internet favorites for the way they parent their two daughters — Ines, age 1, and James, age 3 — with an honest, hilarious style. (If you're at all skeptical, please bask in the glory of some of Ryan Reynolds' best parenting tweets.) But life with young children isn't always fun tweet fodder, and Lively knows it all too well. According to The Courier-Mail, she told the magazine for its May cover story, "I have no idea what I’m doing! I have a little life in my hands and I’m not equipped to do this."

Still, she's giving it her all. She's been killing it in her career ever since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, with her next, super-buzzy project set to be the adaptation of The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriatry (who also wrote Big Little Lies, so yes, I am fully expecting Lively to get a big, juicy Witherspoon/Kidman moment, preferably while drinking wine in a stylish sweater). But at the end of the day, Lively reportedly told Cosmopolitan, "Family is the most important thing in the world to me ... my personal life has always been my priority."

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And Lively is doing her best to protect her children as they grow up in the spotlight, in particular by trying to limit the photographs of them available online. Recently, paparazzi took photos of James and Lively at Martha Stewart's Easter party without Lively's permission. When reputable magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar began publishing stories with the photos, Lively sprang into action, with her team urging the magazines to remove the pictures.

Lively's spokesperson told Page Six:

The photos were taken by a man hiding outside of a private party, which is disturbing on many levels. We appreciate all magazines, websites and publications who are standing by protecting the privacy of children and vowing to cut off the supply chain to help end the stalking of children.

Soon after, those who had posted the photos by and large removed them.

Being a celebrity can make parenting so much easier in a myriad of ways. You can probably afford multiple, amazing nannies. You can take your kids on the coolest vacations, and give them fantastic opportunities. But you also have some unique challenges, as the whole paparazzi photo stalking debacle illustrates. Lively handled that one like a freaking mama bear, but it's no wonder she can feel like she has "no idea" what she's doing in the face of such a scary, out-of-control situation.

And even though plenty of people envy Lively, she's no stranger to comparing herself unfavorably to others through social media, just like almost every other mom out there. During an interview with Seth Meyers, Lively talked about following a "perfect" mom on Instagram, and how her own parenting does not look like that at all, saying:

Her toddler is giving her reflexology massages. What?! My kid is like playing with explosive devices. I don’t know where she found them. She already knows how to drywall because she puts holes in the wall.

Lively may have her doubts about how she's doing as a mom, but from the outside, it certainly seems like Ines and James are very lucky children indeed.

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