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Blake Lively Left A Lovey-Dovey Comment On Ryan Reynolds' Instagram

by Brianna Wiest

It doesn't matter whether you're an extremely famous couple or not, having kids takes a toll on you. If you have little ones, you know that they don't care if you have work the next day, or, say, a photo shoot for your gin company. In light of new promotional photos being released, Blake Lively's comment on Ryan Reynolds' photo proves that love still exists, and the Lively-Reynolds' household is full of it.

The photos, which are impeccably stylized shots featuring Reynolds promoting his liquor company, were posted yesterday on his own Instagram account. "LOVE this @AviationGin shoot with the legendary @guyaroch. Hair by @serafinosays and styling by @joseph.episcopo," Reynolds captioned the photo. "Bags under my eyes by two thankless a*sholes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining," he concluded, in case you thought he'd miss an opportunity for a joke.

However, the best part wasn't even that, it was his wife's response. "Feeling very happy about my life choices right about now..." Lively wrote. Her sister, Robyn Lively, followed up to affirm that as well. "I am ALSO feeling very happy about my sister's life choices right about now," she wrote.

Lively and Reynolds tied the knot in 2012, Martha Stewart Weddings reported. (Lively has previously said that Stewart "saved" their big day with her planning.) Now, the couple shares two daughters, James, 4, and Inez, 3. And the couple is expecting their third child sometime later this year, according to People.

Though Lively does indeed seem happy with her life choices now, that doesn't mean she's perfect. In fact, she's been outspoken about the fact that it's healthy to remember that perfect Instagram moms aren't really a thing. In a 2016 interview with TODAY, she noted that her idea of successful parenting is getting her kids to sleep at the same time.

Perfect she may not be (because none of us are) but it's clear that Lively and Reynolds are amazing parents. For example, in an interview with Glamour, she opened up about what it means to raise empowered little girls. "Sarah Silverman does a great bit that I'm going to butcher: 'Stop telling little girls that they can do anything. They already believe they can do anything. It opens the door for questions….' We're all born feeling perfect until somebody tells us we're not," she told the magazine. "So there's nothing I can teach my daughter [James]. She already has all of it. The only thing I can do is protect what she already feels."

Reynolds seems to echo his wife's sentiments, sharing with Men's Health that he's always worried about his daughters, and really wants the best for them. In fact, he shared that he still checks to see if his daughter is "still breathing" at night. (How cute.) "I still check on her in the middle of the night and put my fingers under her nose just to make sure she’s still breathing,” he told the magazine. “Is that insane? I feel like it might be a little bit insane.”

Whether they're doing incredible photo shoots or raising their kids, it's clear that the Lively-Reynolds family couldn't be happier (or more good-looking, TBH).