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Blue Ivy Pulled A Silly Prank On Her Grandma, Proving She's Just Like Any Other 6-Year-Old

We all generally hail Queen Bey, but even musical royalty isn't immune from dealing with kids who like to experiment with a budding sense of humor. And the singer's adorable 6-year-old, Blue Ivy Carter, may have quite the musical pedigree between mama Beyoncé and dad JAY-Z, but she's also clearly just like any other 6-year-old, with Blue Ivy having pranked her grandma with a cute and silly joke.

Blue's spoof starts when she and someone in the background referred to as Micayla hand her grandma, Tina Lawson, Beyoncé's famed manager-mother, a plate that appears to be the perfect frittata lunch or brunch, according to Mashable.

The egg dish, featuring baked-in tomatoes and other veggies, fruit on the side and a little sausage just to be naughty (but maybe it's the vegan variety?) looks absolutely amazing to this hungry viewer. And Lawson herself sounds excited on the video to be digging in. But as Grandma Tina bites into the meal, however, she discovers a surprise, and not exactly a tasty and nutritious one. Thanks to little Miss Blue, her grandma finds... a small, plastic doll hand nestled in her breakfast.

"Oh my god, what did you do, Blue?" screams Tina, half in jest, before finding another doll hand in the mix. "You guys!" The best part of it all is easily Blue's self-satisfied little laugh in the background.

Grandma Tina and Blue seem to have a super-close relationship and sometimes the shoe is on the other foot, too. For example, in a video shared on Instagram clip this past May, Tina is in Paris, about to watch a ballet, with Blue reminding her that patrons are not supposed to be taking video. "You’re not supposed to take videos, grandma," Blue tells her grandma in the hilarious clip. "You’re not supposed to."

This wasn't necessarily out of character for Blue, as Lawson told Us Weekly earlier this year that Blue is an ultra-responsible little girl. “She’s a big sister and she feeds [her little brother and sister] and she’s excited," Lawson told the publication.

Now, I haven't necessarily ever thought that I have a lot in common with Beyoncé, a triple-threat who gets birthday greetings from Hollywood buds like Ava DuVernay, according to the Boston Globe, and whom E! News estimates to be worth over $1 billion (along with JAY-Z). But I too happen to have a 6-year-old, who just last night gave her sister's old American Girl doll a chopped haircut, so the doll would, as my daughter explained, "look more like a Millennial." (The doll was the old Julie model, the Hippie character from the '70s, so she truly needed a style update.) My 6-year-old, Grace, knew she was being a bit mischievous, as she was waiting to see if I would be upset. It's a hand-me-down-doll, after all, so I said she can do whatever she wants to poor Julie. But clearly, this is the age for pranks and a feisty sense of humor and responsibility, right, Beyoncé?

The day Lawson shared the hilarious prank video also happens to Beyonce's 37th birthday, Sept. 4, and the star seems to be have been celebrating the entire month before, with a series of fun outings including going out on the town with the hubby and taking Blue Ivy behind-the-scenes of the Broadway musical Frozen, according to the Daily Mail. (Fun fact: According to Page Six, Beyoncé reportedly told a friend at the show that watching the tale of two sisters made her miss her sibling, Solance Knowles. Aww.)

No word yet on whether Blue has blessed Beyoncé with any sort of birthday-inspired pranks this year, but let's hope whatever this mischievous 6-year-old did for her mom's special day with the Bey Hive one day. You never know, right?