Wackadoo! There Are Now 'Bluey' Face Masks For Kids

by Cat Bowen

Getting my children to wear their masks without complaint is basically the worst when you're just trying to get out of the house for your daily walks. Having a fun mask for them to wear makes things go a bit easier. And now, Bluey face masks are here, and they might make your kids actually want to wear their masks.

Etsy maker Kaylah's Handmade Shop has a ton of different patterns to choose from, and they come in sizes from toddler through adult and range in price from $13 to $16. So yes, you can totally have matching masks for the whole family. Because who doesn't love the silly show filled with blue heeler shenanigans? Even if only because Bluey gives you a guaranteed 30 minutes of peaceful calm with which you can shower or exercise. (Or, like me, scroll through your phone endlessly while enjoying the quiet. But I guess exercising is good, too.)

The masks themselves are a soft poly with a nose wire and each one has two replaceable protective carbon filters with five layers of filtering, according to the maker's specs. Apparently, it's also designed to cut down on glass fog, which anyone who wears glasses can tell you is a huge pain. This is an especially big problem for kids who wear glasses, because they're more likely to take off either their glasses or their mask if it becomes annoying.

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The elastic around the ear is thin and light, but if you find it still bothers your little one's ears, you might want to invest in a mask holder that allows it to be strapped behind their head. My daughter loves hers, and it really gets her to keep the dang thing on her face, which living in New York City, is incredibly important. These are very washable, but it is stipulated that you shouldn't use bleach, which makes sense given the high density of colors on the masks.

The Bluey face masks are exactly what we never knew we needed, but we're grateful for all the same. They are cheerful despite their gloomy use, but hopefully having this little bright spot will make not only your kids smile, but also those who see it.