These 26 Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art Ideas Are Pretty In Pink & Beyond
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October is typically associated with orange and black and maybe those rusty, golden leaf colors we all love, but did you know it’s also the pinkest month of the year? One of the easiest ways to show your support for the cause without buying more stuff (even if it's pink and cute) is to try breast cancer awareness nail art.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness, it makes sense that you see the blush shade popping up everywhere this time of year. Maybe you’re not into rosy nails, which I get, especially this time of year when all I want to do is paint my nails black, wear an oversized turtleneck, and have a big mood. You may be surprised that all breast cancer manicures aren’t necessarily pink (and some even incorporate some freaky Halloween nail art, too).

The month is about more than getting a mani, of course. In addition to getting your nails did, you could support an organization that funds breast cancer research or you could share the story of how you or a loved one have been affected by the disease, a suggestion made by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can take one small, important step by scheduling a mammogram for yourself, or learning how to do a breast self-exam.

However it is that you decide to honor the month, rest assured that your nails will be looking fierce with inspo from any of these breast cancer awareness nail ideas below.


Subtle Glitter

Each nail has a subtle ombre fade from deeper pink to a more blush color, plus they’re finished with a perfect circle stencil. If you don’t have access to a nail stencil, you could pick one up from Etsy, or opt for a nail sticker instead, just be sure to finish it off with a clear coat.


Ombre Pink With Black Hearts

Bring attention to breast cancer, with a beautiful, multi-color mani. The black hearts on the thumb look chic against a hot pink thumb, and these nails are hard to miss, which is a good thing because it'll give you plenty of opportunities to talk about the cause when someone inevitably says, "I loooove your nails."


Nail Decals For The Cause

You can apply these easily over a natural or painted nail, or even acrylics and it will instantly take your manicure to the next level. They work kind of like a temporary tattoo; you’ll trim the transfer to fit your nail shape, then dip your nails in water, and pull off the backing after 30 seconds.


Pink Glitter

This raspberry-hued glitter is a gorgeous take on the classic pink mani. The ribbon pops against the silver glitter too. I've also noticed that glitter polish stays on really well (like, sometimes too well) so you actually may get a full month out of this one.


Free The Nip

I love everything about this artsy manicure featuring boobs in all shapes and sizes. The neutral nail color lets the black nail art really pop, and this is a surefire way to strike up a conversation about breast cancer awareness and what it means to you.


Quick And Easy Decal

Sometimes you don't have time to get to the nail salon, but you still want something special. These nail decals are a dream for anyone who loves nail art, but doesn't quite have the steady hand or the right tools to pull off an elaborate design at home. Just paint your nails as normal, apply the stickers wherever you want 'em, then paint a clear top coat over everything.


A Beaded Ribbon

This look reinvents the typical painted pink ribbon by making it out of tiny gems instead. The pink polish is almost the exact shade as the breast cancer awareness ribbon, but to shake things up a bit, there's a gorgeous rose gold accent nail.


A Twist On A French Manicure

The colored tips are a fun, modern twist on a classic French manicure. The minimalist nails allow the signature pink ribbon to really shine. Plus, this salon told me via message that because they see many people who live with cancer, they only use organic nail and facial products. So cool.


A Ribbon Sticker

I love a white nail, and it turns out I especially love a white nail as the backdrop for a sticker. I'll tell you one of my secrets: sometimes I get a plain ole manicure at the nail salon and then go home and put some fun nail art stickers on top. Because like guac, the nail art is extra.


A Matte-ish Pink

An almost matte polish and a shorter nail makes this soft pink look more edgy. The gold glitter with the pink ribbon on top is perfection. If these were my nails, I wouldn't be able to stop pushing on the ribbon which is giving me major puffy paint vibes.


11.A Minimalist Mani

I can't say enough good things about this manicure (photographed by Kelli Boyd) which has a painted boob on it and also manages to be elegant and understated. It's perfect, and I know what I'll be asking for next time I get my nails done.


Blue & Gold

Navy is my favorite autumn polish (no one asked, but... Essie's After School Boy Blazer is the best dark blue ever). The white and pink are attention-grabbing, and the blue and gold lend a moodiness to mani which you know I love. If you're a sports fan, you could rep your team's colors too.


A Colorful Stiletto Nail

Stiletto nails are on-trend right now, and these just take it to the next level. They're so fun to look at, and the bedazzled ribbon is amazing. It's impossible to pick a favorite finger.


An Abstract Print

How cute are these almond-shaped polka dot nails? I love how the ribbons looks almost like leopard print and the dots make a ribbon shape of their own on the thumb. Plus that is the most adorable pinkie nail ever.


Dark Nails

I love how the dark shade of these nails feels very fall, but the pink still pops against it. The glitter tip on the middle finger is perfection, and ties the whole look together.


Honor Those You’ve Lost

This creative spin on a stick-figure uses a breast cancer ribbon as the body. This is a beautiful way to honor those living with cancer, or those you have lost.


Patterned Nail Wraps

If you’ve never used them before, you may be daunted by nail wrap, but they’re actually super easy to use (much easier than painting your dominant hand). You shape them to fit your nail, then file off the excess, and voila, you have a perfectly painted mani. Included are nail prep wipes, a file, and sixteen wraps (which means you have six chances to mess up).


A Sweet Pink Pattern

Whoever painted these is seriously talented; just look how small and precise those ribbons are. I love the repeating pattern offset by ombre glitter. I would leave this one to the experts unless you're feeling very adventurous.


A Spooky Take

I promised there'd be some Halloween-themed nails in the bunch. I love that at first glance, you may think this is a solely spooky look, but the pinkie finger (and the pink polish) reveal this to be more. Turns out you can rep your favorite holiday and support your favorite cause at once.


Silver Ribbons & Glitter

Slightly different shades of pink nails are each finished with their own special pop. This manicure is for maximalists and it has it all — glitter, ribbons, and even kaleidoscope-like accents.


A Boobalicious Manicure

This amazing manicure uses a pale pink on most nails, with a few (semi) subtle boobs painted on the nails of your choice. This is a great way to spark conversations about the importance of mammograms and self breast exams.


A Darker Pink Nail Wrap

Not a hot pink kind of person? No problem. These nail wraps come in shades of mauve and berry pink while still showing support for breast cancer awareness. Pro tip: make sure your nails are clean, dry, and free of oil before applying then top the wraps with a gel top coat if you want them to last all month.


A Squareletto Shape

Popularized in part by Kylie Jenner, the squareletto nail shape (sometimes called ballerina because it looks like a ballet shoe) blends long stiletto nails with a less fragile (and less sharp) square top.This manicure uses varying shades of pink, white, and glitter in an eye-catching shape.


A Geometric Nail Wrap

You can show your support for breast cancer awareness without painting a single ribbon or heart on your nails. These geometric nail wraps showcase the classic pink color in interesting abstract shapes.


Subtle Bubbles

Hot pink nails with creamy white accents are always a good choice. This manicure blends subtle circular designs with prominent breast cancer ribbons for nails you’ll get comments on all month.

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