These 14 BCA Products Donate 100% Of Proceeds, Bc Anything Less Is Unacceptable

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and stores are becoming a sea of pink. It seems like a win-win situation: you purchase a new item, and your money goes where it can make a real difference. I used to view this entire month with rose-colored glasses (a soft pink, to be exact). Turns out though, many companies only donate a fraction of proceeds toward breast cancer causes... and honestly, I'd rather spend my money where it will make the biggest impact. Here are 14 breast cancer awareness products that donate 100% of proceeds to the cause — in other words, this is your go-to October shopping guide.

I first realized that all breast cancer awareness (BCA) initiatives weren't created equally when I read a 2015 article via Sports Illustrated about the NFL's highly-publicized BCA efforts. I loved the pink jerseys and cheerleading uniforms that teams debuted every October, and was eager to purchase the products on sale all month. However, according to the article, only 8% of the proceeds from each sale actually went toward research and cancer-awareness programs. One in eight United States women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, according to, and an estimated 268,600 of women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer by the end of this year. Needless to say, I was ready to direct my support towards brands that really prioritize contributing to research. If you want your purchase to make the most impact, too, invest in one of the following BCA products, and you can rest assured that your money is going where it should.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A Moisturizer & Makeup Bag

A mattifying moisturizer that comes in a makeup bag (because you can never have too many). This product contains willowherb, which is known for its resiliency and is often one of the first plants to bloom after a fire, and can help skin bounce back from dryness or a dull texture. Through Dec. 31,100% of the purchase price will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with a maximum donation of $50,000.


A Bracelet Trio

This beautiful trio of bracelets have delicate wooden beaded bands offset by stones (pink quartz, smokey quartz, and labradorite) wrapped in 14 karat gold. You can stack them up or wear them separately (or gift one to a friend) and 100% of the profits benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).


A Cream Fit For Winter Skin

This is a deeply moisturizing cream that you’ll want to slather on parched winter skin. It’s made with five different ceramides, which are rich lipids that will hydrate even the driest of cheeks. From now through June 30, 2021, 100% of proceeds from the pink ribbon edition (up to $20,000) will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


An Iconic Rubber Bracelet

You can get a designer look without the steep price tag thanks to this pink, rubbery bracelet in David Yurman’s signature cable style. 100% of net profits (so $16) through July 31, 2021 will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s efforts.


An Easy Tee

A comfy shirt that’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own (which is a great way to spark conversations about breast cancer awareness). 100% of the proceeds from this shirt benefit a network of international cancer charities, plus the Pink Pony Fund of The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation (which works to fight cancer and to help get treatment to those in need at an earlier stage). There are lots of cute items within the Pink Pony line, but this is one of the few where 100% of proceeds are directly donated.


A Sweet-Smelling Deodorant

This clean and sustainably packaged deodorant is rated as low rink in the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database, and contains no aluminum which research suggests may be a risk factor in developing breast cancer. In partnership with actor and singer, Adrienne Houghton, Each & Every is donating 100% of the proceeds of the rose and vanilla scent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Face Masks For A Cause

It’s always nice to have an extra couple of masks on hand, especially when they benefit a good cause. These are made of a soft and breathable fabric featuring Vera Bradley’s signature paisley prints, plus the brand will donate 100% of the purchase price (up to $500,000) to The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer which supports advancements in research.


An Assoulin Bracelet

If you’ve had your eye on the iconic candy-colored Roxanne Assoulin bracelets now may be the time to buy. There are two styles of The Pink Bracelet, a ziggy pattern or the classic rectangular “checks and bits,” and 100% of proceeds from these go to The Pink Agenda, which raises money for breast cancer research and care, and spreads awareness among young professionals. You can opt for the set of three if you want to stack ‘em, or a single bracelet retails for $80.


A Baseball Cap

Whether your mom has been affected by cancer, or you’re a mother yourself who’s living with cancer, this hat is for you. It’s available in ten colors and comes in this classic baseball style or a trucker style with mesh sides. 100% of net profits are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


A Trio Of Lip Products

Your lips will love this trio of products which includes a hydrating lip balm (the Estee Lauder website says you can also use this under your eyes for a bit of hydration) plus two lipsticks in both a nude and a rose shade. They come packaged in a blush pink purse that features a take on the breast cancer ribbon. Through June 2021, 100% of proceeds will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was actually founded by Evelyn Lauder (daughter-in-law of Estée Lauder); Evelyn was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989.


La Mer Crème de la Mer The Moisturizing Cream

You’ve likely heard of the fan favorite moisturizer Crème de la Mer from La Mer, which carries a lofty price tag (but apparently is very worth the hype). Throughout the month of October, 100% of proceeds (up to $100,000) from this product will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which means now just may be time to splurge for a cause. This comes in several sizes too, from a half ounce, all the way up to 16.5 ounces (which costs the slightly scary $2475).


A Pretty Pink Tattoo

Think Pink! Tattoos are great to buy in a bunch and send to breast cancer survivors (or to anyone in need of yet another mammogram reminder), especially since 100% of proceeds are donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Diamond Art For A Cause

Few hobbies are so zen and still so sparkly, but somehow the sets from Diamond Art Club™ manage to be both. For the month of October, they'll be donating 100% of proceeds from this pink butterfly painting to the National Breast Cancer Society.


Pink Pillowcases

Organic and vegan, the CleanBamboo Charcoal fabrics used by ettitude are proven to reduce bacteria by 99.9%, and they're super soft and cool for sleeping. 100% of the profits from the limited edition Pink Hope Pillowcase Set will go directly to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BPCC) in the US.

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