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11 Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin Ideas To Properly Celebrate October

by Cat Bowen
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to say there's a deluge of pink products would be an understatement. Whether you want a pink spatula, mixer, or dog collar, you can find it now, readily available for purchase. Even Breast Cancer Awareness pumpkins are a thing. Recently, survivors and their friends and family have been combining the decor of the season with a bold, fun craft that says to onlookers, "We see you, we are you, we got this." The movement to design pink pumpkins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is less big corporation capitalist activism, and more grassroots good feelings.

Survivors and their families are heroes. Having watched friends and family battle the disease, I have learned that there is no one way to fight it, and everyone's journey looks different. Some people might find solidarity and solace in decorating pink pumpkins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month that sit alongside their kids' jack-o-lanterns, and other women might not want to broadcast their disease. It is important that there be space for both. Yes, if you can, give money to the best charities that are highly vetted that spend the money raised judiciously. Call your representatives and encourage them to allocate funds for cancer research. Spend quality time helping those in treatment and recovery. Do all of that, but if you also want to paint pink pumpkins and buy a pink pair of gloves, you can do that, too.

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Pumpkin Decal

This pumpkin decal makes things super easy. There's no painting, no carving, and best of all, no mess.


Treat Bucket

I love the idea of filling these up with pink ribbons to pass out. What a sweet way to raise awareness about breast cancer. It's also very economical.


Large Light Pink Pumpkin

A creative take on pink pumpkins, and also perfectly millennial friendly. In October, we wear pink.


Buy One At Some Farms

Isn't this great? Country Living reported a couple of years ago that some farmers were growing pink pumpkins, and they are stunning. Hats off to these farmers for growing these beauties. I'll take the lot.


Make It An Event

Are you a part of a school organization like the PTA or Rotary? Are you looking for fun ways your school or other organization can raise money for breast cancer research? Making pumpkins might be a fun, cheap new fundraiser. Having been at the helm of many a similar fundraiser, I will tell you that if you get the kids in on the art, parents will shell out way more money. Just be sure to provide paint shirts.


Pink Paper Pumpkins

I am originally from the Midwest. A party isn't a party until there is a honeycomb something, be it pumpkin or disco ball. This fits the bill quite nicely. If you want to make it extra, spray it with glitter spray or use glitter glue on the edges. It will really stand out.

Plus, it folds flat for storage for next year. Win.


Smaller Ornaments

You could hang these on little magnet hooks on your fridge, or have them placed in baskets. They're a small, soft way to recognize the importance of the month.


Mini Pumpkins

These tiny pumpkins are designed to go in your terrarium. Or, if you're like me, and you have no terrarium, you can just put them in a jar or on the counter.


Cute Tee

I love a good baseball style tee. This one has a wonderful message and pretty print.


Grow Them Yourself

You know those pumpkins I mentioned earlier? If you're especially intrepid, you could grow them yourself from seeds. (I am not that intrepid.)


Fancy Two-Tier Snack Bowl Pumpkin

This is the fanciest of cheap treat bowls. It splits apart into a two-tier snack bowl, and I love to see it.

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