Breastfeeding Mom Who Was Publicly Shamed On Facebook Responds With A Beautiful Letter


A mom sitting at a TGI Fridays breastfeeding her baby caught the attention of a fellow diner who decided it was totally appropriate to snap a photo and post the picture on Facebook with a message asking why she couldn't at least "cover her boob up." It was a gross invasion of her privacy and any kind of decent taste. But it turns out this breastfeeding mom saw the Facebook post shaming her and decided to respond with one of the smartest and most impassioned defenses of breastfeeding as a feminist issue I've ever read.

I won't rehash her point-by-point take down of this stranger's idiotic behavior, but suffice it to say she gives him a thorough run down on privacy, motherhood, feminism, and decency and it's incredible. If you don't read any other words from this magnificent mama, this is all you really need to know about what she thinks of this yo-yo's criticism of her public breastfeeding:

But she didn't stop there:

Besides that mic-drop moment, this mom did something really important in her defense of her fellow breastfeeding moms: she took the time to actually educate people who don't know just how tough it is to try and breastfeed a baby in modern America. As an adoptive mom, I've never breastfed, so I never understood either just how tough it was to try to do something as simple as feed your baby. I didn't know how sexualized breastfeeding can be by creeps and how gross it must be to try and pump breast milk in a bathroom. It's a huge injustice, but if you've never been there, it's hard to know, you know?

Regardless of your lack of life experience with the issue, there is no excuse for taking someone's picture in public and holding that person up for ridicule on social media. But, beyond handling one mean person, the time and care this very smart mom took to address common breastfeeding complaints does a huge service for everyone involved, from hungry babies to ignorant gawkers, and other moms just trying to eat in peace.

And if you happen to be one of those people who are so totally uncomfortable with public breastfeeding, this mom, who signs her letter "The AMAZING mommy you photographed nursing her beautiful child" has this pretty simple piece of advice: