'Teen Mom' Star Brianna Jaramillo's Instagram Is A Shrine To Her Baby Boy

16 and Pregnant first premiered nearly a decade ago — and the franchise is still going strong. Monday night, the finale of the first season of MTV's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant aired. The new series followed five teenagers as they navigated teen pregnancy and early motherhood. One of the five young moms was Brianna Jaramillo, who has cultivated a nice following for herself on Instagram since the show's premiere. And based on Brianna Jaramillo's Instagram, it's clear that she is so in love with her baby boy, Braeson.

Jaramillo, 18, became pregnant when she was 17, People reported. During the course of filming Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, she gave birth to Braeson Messiah Jaramillo, who is now about 9 months old, according to People. During one of Jaramillo's ultrasounds, she found out that Braeson would be born without his left forearm and hand. "It was something that made me really sad because the first thing I could think about was that one day this child is going to look up, and he's going to be like, 'Mom, why am I different?'" Jaramillo said in her introduction video for the reality show.

She has since developed a positive attutide about her son's disability. “He’s going to adjust to living with it because he was born with it. It’s not like he had an arm and lost it,” Jaramillo told People earlier this year. “He’s going to learn to do everything that we do but without it.”

Like your average cool teen, Jaramillo is fairly active on Instagram. She waited to document her pregnancy until she was 25 weeks along, back in May 2017. "Haven't posted much about him but he's getting so big," she wrote on Instagram at the time, alongside a video of her bump moving.

Despite the unfair stigma pregnant teens are forced to face during high school and in their social lives, Jaramillo used Instagram to let people know she was proud to be pregnant with her son. She shared several shots from her high school graduation in June 2017.

Once Bradeon was born this past fall, Jaramillo shared several of pictures of her adorable, smiling baby.

Then, in March 2018, a few days after the first episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant aired, Jaramillo shared a photo of herself kissing a guy named Robert Reams on the lips. The couple started dating during the course of filming, shortly after she gave birth to Braeson. The caption of the photo features an engagement ring emoji. Hmm...

Now, if you watched the show, you know that Jaramillo's main love interest was not Braeson's biological father. His biological father is an old friend of Jaramillo's who she saw while broken up with Danae, who Jaramillo was in a three-year-long, on-and-off relationship with. Danae is transgender, and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant documented Danae's transition as well as his relationship and subsequent breakup with Jaramillo.

That same day, she shared a photo of herself, her man, and Braeson on Instagram with the caption, "What a little family we have become👪."

Editor's Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

And in yet another Insta post that same day, she shared her overflowing love for her baby boy. She captioned an adorable shot of him:

My baby boy has overcame so many obstacles and has grown to have an amazing and funny personality 💖😍 he’s my entire world. I will forever do everything and anything to put a smile on my baby’s face and make sure he has everything he needs.

Additionally, Jaramillo has used her platform to spread awareness for limb difference, which means the "absence or malformation of one or more limbs present at birth," The Mighty reported. In April, Jaramillo shared a photo of her son with a heartfelt caption:

So I don’t know if everyone knows but April is limb difference awareness month and I wanted to give a shout out to my handsome son Braeson he has grown so much, he’s very strong, and he continues to use his nub. He’s amazing and I will forever encourage him to grow and achieve everything he wants in life because he is extraordinary! 💖💖💖 I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me with their story’s or how their kids grew up with a missing limb and seeing so many amazing people go so far! Missing a limb to me is not a disability it’s just shows me how strong people with missing limbs are!

And in May, Jaramillo shared a video of Braeson with a caption that made it clear that she has no time for her haters. "I just wanna put out there that I made the best decisions for my son," she wrote. "Everything I’ve done has been for my son. I am young and I’ve made my mistakes but Braeson is well taken care of and is happy."

Based on her Instagram, things are getting quite serious with Reams. In May, she Instagrammed a photos of herself, her mom, Reams, and Braeson, from their vacation together in New York.

Editor's Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

It looks like Jaramillo, her mom, and Braeson have all welcomed Reams into the family. She has even tagged him in posts and called him her boyfriend a number of times.

Season 1 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant may be over — but luckily, all 12 episodes are available for re-watching on MTV's website, if you have a TV provider login. And regardless of whether the show gets a second season with the same cast, you can surely count on Brianna Jaramillo to keep her fans in the loop on her family.