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Bridget Jones's Baby' Trailer Will Give You Plenty Of Emotions

It's the "threequel" fans have been dreaming of for a decade: Bridget Jones, heroine of single women everywhere, is back in another love triangle, but a lot has changed since we last saw her in 2004. Jones has swapped her worn out diary for an iPad, her comfortable marriage for the thrills of the single life, and boy troubles for baby drama. Here's why the new Bridget Jones's Baby trailer will give you plenty of emotions.

It turns out, happily ever after did not work out so well for Jones. Set 12 years after the premiere of the second movie in the series, Edge of Reason, Bridget Jones's Baby follows Jones's quest to make sense of her life post divorce. After breaking up with husband Mark Darcy, a role reprized by the unforgettable Colin Firth, Jones has a fling with a dashing American, played by Patrick Dempsey, when she receives an unexpected surprise. Jones finds herself pregnant and in a pickle. She slept with both men a week apart and isn't sure who is the baby's father. The shenanigans continue from there, with both men waiting on her hand and foot, in a desperate attempt to show Jones that they will make the better father and partner.

What's unique about the Bridget Jones trilogy, is that unlike other romantic comedy sequels, Jones' problems adapt to her age. We see her maturing from a woman slighted by unrequited love, to one forced to navigate pregnancy and divorce. It's a story line that the women who grew up with Jones and identified with her mistakes, continue to relate to.

What's more, Jones is advancing in her career as a producer at a news program and asking for more responsibility at work. But she's far from having it all. The movie is packed with the signature Bridget Jones humor that the audience fell in love with 15 years ago.

"I can't go back keep making the same mistakes, when I can make new ones," says Jones, as she learns about the pregnancy.

We see her dive head first into those mistakes, as always, but there is a new sense of awe and respect at the life growing inside of her. In the film, to be released later this year, Jones's priorities change along with her figure. As she stares at the ultrasound, Jones realizes she's found a new source of love in her life.

"You're the best thing I've ever seen," she exclaims.