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Brienne & Tormund On 'Game Of Thrones' Need To Happen & Here's Why

Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones hasn't had the best romantic luck throughout the series. We were first introduced to her as a member of Renly Baratheon's kingsguard, where she served so faithfully in part because she was in love with him. This did not turn out well for her. Even had he not been murdered in the night by a shadow sent by his own brother, Renly was gay and not very likely to be interested in anything Brienne had to offer. When Brienne and Jaime Lannister were thrown together they had their shippers, but girl, Jaime is not the guy for you, trust me. While Tormund Giantsbane isn't exactly Brienne's type (she seems to go more for the Prince Charming look), she certainly seemed to strike his fancy on Sunday night's Game of Thrones. This relationship needs to happen.

The Internet began to speculate about a possible Brienne/Tormund love connection as soon as their eyes met in the courtyard of Castle Black as Brienne rode up to the castle. These suspicions were pretty much confirmed as we watched Brienne react somewhat uncomfortably to Tormund's love-struck gazing as he (sexily?) ate a hunk of meat off the bone. Dan Sackheim, the director of the episode, confirmed that "Tarthbane" – I like it – is actually a thing, but that it's mostly on Tormund's side at the moment. But it absolutely needs to happen and here is why.

She's Perfect For A Wildling

Brienne of Tarth is not exactly the kind of woman that Southern men are used to. She's not very ladylike, does not look great in a dress, and if you cross her, she could definitely kill you. But this badass type of lady isn't shocking to a wildling like Tormund. You could even say it's a bit of a turn on.

Tormund Is Different Than Her Last Crushes

Tormund is not the kind of elegant gentleman that Brienne tends to fall for either. Seeing as her mostly unrequited love affairs with guys like Renly and Jaime tend to end in tragedy and heartbreak, perhaps its time that Brienne look to a guy who can actually keep up with her.

Brienne Could Use A Break

Like most of our favorite Game of Thrones characters, Brienne has had a really rough couple of years. She watched the love of her life be murdered while there was nothing she could do about it, she was forced into a dress and made to fight a literal bear as a joke, and though she did find both Stark girls at one point, both of them refused her help, which has been literally her only goal since Renly died. Now that she's found Sansa, girlfriend could use a little R & R, maybe something nice in her life. I think the love of a wildling could be just the thing.