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Brock Turner's Parents' Statement After His Release Shows They Still Don't Get It

If you're having trouble placing the name from the headlines, Brock Turner is a sexual assailant. He was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the Stanford campus. His crime was horrific, but what made matters worse was the 6-month sentence widely viewed as far-too lenient considering his crime. Turner is making headlines again, after being released only 3 months into is sentence. His parents remain his staunchest supporters, but continue to release tone-deaf statements about their son. Brock Turner's parents' statement after his release shows they still don't get it. Turner's representative declined comment in an email to Romper.

A group of protesters camped outside Turner's parents' Ohio home, where he will serve three years probation, seem intent on making his time outside of jail as uncomfortable as possible. Some were armed, and others held signs reminding Turner they know about his crimes and aren't going to forget. According to reports from the New York Daily News, it's quite a scene outside the Turner home in Sugarcreek Township.

Also, I feel a bit bad for their poor neighbors. Not only has everyone had to face the fact that they're living near a very high-profile sex offender, but there are also armed angry people walking down their street. That's got to be a pretty scary situation for them.

Here's a look a some of the protestors:

One protester, Lessa Leigh, from nearby Cincinnati told The Daily Beast, "Given the severity of the crime and the absolute callousness of the entire family’s response, we felt that protesting the family was appropriate." Turner's father infamously wrote a letter to the judge in the case referring to his son's crime as "20 minutes of action."

And it doesn't appear the Turner's attitudes about the severity of their son's actions have sunk in over the months he spent in a California jail. According to the New York Daily News, Dan and Carleen Turner contacted police to ask them to help manage the protests outside their house and keep their son safe from death threats. As you can probably guess, people don't share the parents' concern for their criminal son's safety.

Some people are still more concerned about Turner's victim.

It takes a special brand of gall and entitlement to expect police officers to provide a man convicted of sexual assault with additional protection because of the attention his crime has attracted. Their son just got away with spending three months in jail for a crime that should have put him behind bars for a minimum of two years, according to Fox News. The Turner family's reaction to Brock's conviction continues to lead people to believe they still don't think he did anything wrong. And whether they believe it or not, their attitude is doing nothing to help people see Turner as anything besides a predator incapable of understanding the damage he's caused.